All the action from Joshua Buatsi vs Marko Calic reported LIVE

British light-heavyweight champion Joshua Buatsi (12-0, 10KOs)  defends his WBA International title for the fifth time to Croatian challenger Marko Calic (11, 6KOs) at the Marshall Arena at Stadium MK in Milton Keynes.

BBN are reporting all the action LIVE from 7pm:


Fight #1
10 x 3 mins English Middleweight Title

Harding Jr had the defending champion in trouble in the third round, but Udofia survived.

Undefeated Udofia took over the fight from round seven and then floors his challenger in round nine, who clambers back to his feet, but the referee stops the fight.


Fight #2
4 x 3 mins Super-Middleweight contest

As a 6'5'' southpaw, young Hedges was doing a decent job of punishing his opponent Ardon whenever he comes close. Although the Czech Republic visitor did land a couple of times on the debutant in the opener.

Hedges' hands are a bit faster and crisper in round two, but Ardon was making his pro debut especially tough, then landed a massive overhand left, coming close to causing an upset.

Round three was also close, with the Essex fighter just doing enough, but an enthused Ardon continued to wade forward.

The 18-year-old debutant secured a 39-37 points win.


Fight #3
8 x 3 mins Super-Featherweight contest

Unbeaten Fiaz on the backfoot and largely able to evade Baker's big swings - on a couple of occasions Fiaz lands sharp counters. Baker intent on making this a rough fight for Fiaz. Intriguing opener to this grudge match.

Fiaz has much faster hands so Baker is trying to close the distance. Baker lands to the body, Fiaz fires a hook, then spends much of the final minute jabbing Baker over and over again. Fiaz's round.

Fiaz twice lands counter left hands when Baker storms forwards. Baker is being made to pay when he gets close. Baker is the one chasing Fiaz, but this is a much harder fight for Baker after three rounds. Uppercut from Fiaz in the final seconds.

Baker is struggling to assert himself but he isn't lacking in determination. Fiaz is so much faster though, digging to the body then rolling away. Baker lands occasionally when they they get close but it's hard to give him a round so far.

The referee Ian John Lewis scores the fight 77-75 after eight rounds and Fiaz remains unbeaten in his sixth fight.


Fight #4
8 x 3 mins Heavyweight contest

A left hook inside the first few seconds of the third stanza sends Kennedy crashing down. He gets up, Babic swarms and the ref steps in!




Chief Support

10 x 2 mins vacant WBC Super-Lightweight World Title

Araujo looks so much bigger but Cameron is faster. The Northampton boxer goes on the backfoot and picks the Brazilian off to nick the opening round. Good start.

In round two, Cameron lands a straight right to the body and continues to circle on her back foot. She is much, much faster. Cameron backs Araujo in the corner and unleashes sharp, spiteful punches.

By round three, Cameron's right hand cannot miss, she's pinging Araujo whenever she throws it. Lovely flurry to the body and head from Cameron - she is dominating this.

Araujo has barely landed a punch by the fourth round, her feet can't catch up with the darting Cameron, who is having everything her way.

Cameron is now landing a lead right hand in the fifth stanza but Araujo is tough and not going anywhere.

In the sixth segment, Araujo is trying to bait Cameron into a brawl at close-quarters but the Brit won't fall into that trap. Cameron's jab is constantly peppering Araujo - she has won every round so far, comfortably.

Cameron is landing flush right hands in the seventh. To Araujo's credit, she's still in there, despite the punishment she's receiving. Cameron nearly finishes the fight - she forces Araujo in the corner and troubles her with plenty of punches, but the bell goes.

Araujo's desperate swings are missing wildly and Cameron picks her off, easily dominating every exchange. Cameron does try to hammer home some power shots but Araujo covers up.

Araujo's ambition in this fight has disappeared, she cannot lay a glove on Cameron, who is eager for the stoppage and is leathering home her right hand.

Araujo begins unloading with big hooks but is exhausted and hurt. Cameron slings back with equal power, content to get into a scrap in an attempt to end this fight early even though she has clearly won all 10 rounds and is about to be confirmed as Britain's newest world champion.

The announcer read aloud what every spectator already knew - unanimous decision to Cameron. Scores of 100-90 times three means she extends her unbeaten record to 13 and becomes the latest British world champion.


Main Event

12 x 3 mins WBA International Light-Heavyweight Title

Buatsi is very sharp, as we have all come to expect by now. In the opener, he lands left hooks to the body, but Calic manages to land a clean right hand, which Buatsi acknowledges. Competitive first round, whereas many believed Calic would be a walkover.

Buatsi stings Calic to the body but the Croatian thuds home a right hand again, which is a dangerous weapon, and JB is bleeding from the nose. Unbeaten challenger Calic is firing some serious shots back at Buatsi and giving him some real problems. That's one round apiece after the second round.

In the third, Calic cracks Buatsi with a big right hand, he fires back but this is a tough start for the Brit, who looks surprised by his opponent's capability. Buatsi lands his own significant right hand but Calic roars back and his punches are making Buatsi grimace. It was a big round for power punches, probably in favour of Calic.

Buatsi's face is damaged by the fourth round. There's a skilful combo from Buatsi, who is still punching sharp and crisp, but Calic's right hand is thrown with so much venom and it's his most difficult fight yet. The Croydon star is going to have to really dig deep to get the fight to swing in his favour. Buatsi isn't his usual smooth self - both eyes have damage around them.

Five alive! Buatsi comes alive to hit Calic with a massive overhand right from, which puts him in trouble! He follows up with a flurry but Calic is savd by the bell. Terrific round for Buatsi and much needed after a rocky start.

Buatsi is being forced into a toe-to-toe slugfest in the sixth stanza, but he is giving as good as he gets. Buatsi backs Calic up on several occasions and lands stinging body shots, likely taking another round on the cards, which makes two in a row.

Seventh heaven! Buatsi floors Calic and pounces on him with vicious intent! He chases Calic around the ring, unloading everything to stop the fight, then the towel is thrown in by the corner.

Buatsi came through a few cagey opening rounds to turn the fight around and force the stoppage. He retains his WBA International belt and could look to world title fight with unbeaten Russian Dmitry Bivol next.

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