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Josh Warrington vs Mauricio Lara LIVE results

Published On Saturday, February 13, 2021By Tim Rickson

Josh Warrington vs Mauricio Lara as it happens

BBN are reporting all the action as it happens from the return of the 'Leeds Warrior' Josh Warrington as he goes up against hard-hitting Mexican Mauricio 'Bronco' Lara, live on Sky Sports in the UK and on DAZN in the U.S. and more than 200 countries and territories.



Fight #1

6 x 3 mins Super-Bantamweight contest 

Phillips landed a flashy right hand clean, which was by far the best punch of the opening the round. Very close round to start this fight off with.

Nadim looked busier and more useful in the second round. Jonny Phillips and his nice boxing perhaps caught him by surprise to start with. In Nadim's corner, Ricky Hatton told him not to take too many risks.

Phillips got caught with a big right hand as he moved in midway through the third. His hands low, flicking out the jab is always effective for the away fighter. He beckoned Nadim forward when on the ropes, which 'Ibby' responeded to professionally by not taking the bait and landing his shots and moving away again. As the round ended, Phillips threw a hook that missed wildly and he shook his head in disgust with himself.

The 21-year-old Yorkshireman slipped over as the fourth round started. It wasn't a good round for the home fighter as he took his foot off the gas and allowed 'The Matador' to get some good shots off. At this stage, you could argue (a little weakly, perhaps) that the score is even, if you give rounds one and four to Phillips.

Hatton was urging 'Ibby' to land big shots believing that Phillips was spent after such an exertive round. Phillips was diving in and Nadim was making him pay with quick counters. As Jonny waded in with a body shot, 'Ibby' stepped to the side and landed the most eyecatching of right hands you could want to see. Jonny looked disappointed as he walked to his corner ahead of the final round.

The 29-year-old Southerner was trying his best to land a knockout blow but the younsgter was too slick and quick for him. Phillips looked fatigued and frustrated as NAdim boxed rings around him in the final round. The fight finished with Phillips missing a telegraphed right hook which Nadim slipped under easily and reeled off three or four shots of his own. For his first six rounder, it was admirable to see how much better Nadim got with each passing round. If he had fought like he did in the last round from the first round, then this would have been a very one-sided, easy job for him in his third fight.

Nadim won 60-55 on points.



Fight #2

6 x 3 mins International Super-Bantamweight contest

Top prospect Hopey Price arguably has the easiest opponent of the event in front of him. It was a standard first round with a decent young prospect against a journeyman, who hit the deck from a cute right hook, but wasn't ruled a knockdown by referee Bob Williams.

The 20-year-old from Leeds was finding it easy in there and so he should with an opponent like this. The Nicaraguan hasn't won any of his last seven fights. 

In round four, Mendoza lingered on the ropes often and he paid the price when Price rocked him in the final minute of the round.

Perhaps Price is happy to bag the rounds, but he should be putting an easy opponent like this away. In round five, he was down again - yet another slip.

Trained by Dave Coldwell, Price was an Olympic Youth Games gold medallist. Adam Booth made the point from ringside that Mendoza was short, squat and awkward to deal with.

Ivan 'Drago', aka Hopey Price, won on points.


Fight #3

10 x 3 mins Super-Lightweight contest

Smith was calm and composed, while Ellis was very jerky and nervous. Despite his rapid movement and quick reflexes, Ellis was still caught with a few shots during the opener.

In round two, Smith caught Ellis with a fantastic overhand right from afar, and the two-time Midlands Area contender nodded his hean in approval at such a fantastic move.

The 24-year-old from Sheffield, trained by his dad Grant, trapped the Brummie in the corner and landed a rocking right hand that almost put Ellis through the ropes. He walked back to his corner bloodied and bruised and his team rightfully pulled him out of the fight.


Fight #4

12 x 3 mins vacant British Featherweight Title

It's a natural step up for the English champion Reece Mould, but also a very big leap in levels too. Experienced Wood is popping out his jab and landing a few nice right hands. A somewhat cagey opener, but this pair look like they will produce some entertainment here.

'Leigh-thal' started putting his punches together in the second round.

Mould is down in round four from an uppercut, first hurt by a hellacious right hand. Bloodied and under attack, the 26-year-old does well to make it through the round. He's never been in that position before in his pro career but shows a maturity beyond his years.

Mould is really forcing the action in round eight. He is tenacious and tough, and win, lose, or draw, is going to have a great career ahead of him. Wood still looks in complete control here though. Despite being bloodied by the nose, Doncaster's Mould ran back to his corner smiling. Andy Clarke has Nottingham's Wood up by three rounds at ringside.

In the first minute of round nine, Wood landed a wicked left hook to Mould's chin and he was downed heavily. He bravely rose to his feet but an ensuing barrage stopped him just seconds later. He sat on a stool and received oxygen but he rose to his feet again after a couple of minutes. Wood won the British title that eluded him when he was the same age as Mould back in 2014. 


Chief Support

12 x 3 mins International Super-Featherweight contest

'Brown Flash' is boxing clever with lots of lateal movement and swit jabs.

In round two, Barrett looked like he got troubled momentarily by Kiko, who was coming forward just like he expected him to. It was a right hand that almost knocked him off his feet.

In round three, Martinez was coming forward like a steam train. It was an entertaining round and the fight looks like it could end at any moment. Kiko looks like the one with the power here.

Round four and Zelfa is boxing cleverly behind his jab. It's such an intruiging clash of styles, but Kiko lands a ovely left hook to the chin to rock the Mancunian backwards. Martinez's nose is bloodied. Andy Clarke's scorecard has the visitor ahead.

The Spaniard is bleeding from the nose again in round six.  Good round for Zelfa.

The clash of styles is just perfect to watch. Zelfa is cut above the left eye, which he looked to the referee in disbelief.

Martinez ploughed forward in round eight, desperate for the early win. After every bell, the respectful pair touch gloves.

There were some lovely exchanges in round nine, notably some great punches from Barrett as he stood firm and landed some heavy left and right hooks.

Round 10 was also strong for Barrett. Martinez seems to have slowed down. Could this be an incredible masterplan in play for Zelfa?

Barrett has really come on strong in the last couple of rounds.

Both fighters have a good claim to win this fight. Kiko was strong in the first half the Zelfa took over towards the end. Andy Clarke sees it as a draw at 114-114. Martinez thinks he's won this.

One corner looks happy, the other doesn't. After 12-rounds the scorecards read 118-11 twice and 116-113 to Zelfa Barrett. Martinez is not impressed.


Main Event

12 x 3 mins International Featherweight contest

Lara looks marked up by the right eye and Warrington looks marked on his left eye too.

The pair trade lether in round two and touch gloves respectully afterwards.

Warrington downed in round four and just survives!

The pair went hell for leather again in round five but this time Warrington get the better shots off. Josh landed some lovely left hooks, but Lara looks dangerous all the time.

Lara pulled off the upset and knocked out Warrington in round nine. It was a huge right hand than floored him. The power of the Mexican was just too much for the Leeds Warrior, who fell to his first ever defeat. He had to receive oxygen aterwards. No one expected this and his future now looks very uncertain.


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