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The huge night of boxing begins takes place today on August 12, and you can watch all the action right HERE or follow BBN's round by round reports below.

It kicks off a brilliant run of #MTKFightNight events throughout the summer, with the likes of Lewis Crocker, Lee McGregor, Gary Cully, Akeem Ennis Brown, Dan Azeez and more all in action over the coming months.



Bout 1
Super-lightweight, 8 Rounds
CRAIG MACINTYRE (10st 3lbs 10oz)  vs. ISHMAEL ELLIS (10st 1lb 11oz)

Great performance by Craig MacIntyre as he stops Ishmael Ellis in the fifth round.

It was a fantastic return to the ring from Glasgow’s Craig MacIntyre (12-0-1, 5 KOs) after 14 months out, as picked up an extremely impressive fifth round stoppage win over Ishmael Ellis (11-3).

MacIntyre was in control during the majority of the fight, landing a number of solid shots and earning a knockdown in round four. Ellis was able to recover, but MacIntyre continued his onslaught, forcing the referee to jump in during the fifth round and bring a stop to the contest.

MacIntyre said: “It felt really good to be back in there. I was really pleased when I got the phone call from MTK as a lot of boxers won’t be able to box at the moment. MTK have three shows coming up, so I was delighted to be one of the fighters lucky enough to return.

“I’ve been working hard in the gym and I’ve been consistent. My coach Peter Lynch and my team-mate Kieran Smith have been pushing me hard in the gym, so they keep me at my very best. Now I just want to kick on and hopefully keep climbing the rankings and get my opportunity.

“We just lost my dad at the end of last year, so I need to say thank you to my mum too for being so supportive over the last few months.”

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Bout 2
Super-lightweight, 6 Rounds
PIERCE O'LEARY (10st 2lbs 5oz) vs. JACOB QUINN (10st 1lb 12oz)

Dublin sensation Pierce O'Leary produces yet another dominant display to win via TKO in the fourth round.

O’Leary displayed his elite striking skills in the fight, landing a series of fantastic shots, working both the body and the head. Quinn appeared to suffer an ear injury heading into the fourth round, and it didn’t take O’Leary long to capitalise, landing a massive left hook which sent Quinn to the canvas.

He was able to get up to his feet before the count of ten, but the referee had seen enough, waving off the fight and handing O’Leary a brilliant win.

O’Leary said: “It was tremendous to be back out there after five months. I couldn’t be happier. My preparation went really well and I had nine hard weeks of solid training after moving with my new trainer Al Smith in London.

“I’ve been getting top quality sparring and it’s been amazing. All of my fans will be at home watching the fight, so thanks to everybody for the support, it means a lot to me.”

The 20-year-old hard-hitter is destined for big things.

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Bout 3
WBC Youth Welterweight Title, 8 Rounds
SAHIR IQBAL (10st 7lbs) vs. MAREDUDD THOMAS (10st 6lbs 15oz)

Sahir Iqbal prevails on points to claim his first title. The scores were 78-74, 78-75, 77-76.

It was a back and forth contest throughout the eight competitive rounds, with both men landing powerful shots that looked to trouble the other.

Iqbal appeared to be getting off the cleaner work, and the judges agreed, as he was awarded the decision after eight rounds to become the new WBC World Youth welterweight champion, a belt previously held by boxing superstar Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez.

Iqbal said: “It feels great to win. Over lockdown everyone was taking time off but I didn’t stop. I want to thank my brother and my coach Johnney Roye because they push me constantly all the time, and it’s paid off.

“The plan was to get in there and in the middle rounds put it on him, but I also got on the jab and moved and outboxed him. For this to be my first title it shows where I’m going, some big names have held this belt, and that’s where I want to get to.”

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Bout 4
Super-lightweight, 10 Rounds
SEAN MCCOMB (9st 13lbs 14oz) vs. SIAR OZGUL (10st 4oz)

The closely fought contest ended as a unanimous decision points win to McComb, scored 99-92, 97-93, 97-93.

Both men pushed the pace during all 10 rounds, but McComb managed to land the more impressive and eye-catching punches, using his elite skills to maximum effect.

In the end he was able to secure a dominant win, with the three judges scoring the fight widely in his favour. Ozgul revealed he broke his ribs during the contest which hindered his performance and game plan.

McComb said: “I feel very fortunate to be out during lockdown. Everybody has done a tremendous job with this event, and I’m very blessed to be back out and showcasing my skills.

“I have a fantastic nutritionist, and now the plan is to drop to lightweight, and that’s a great weight class. I’m happy to fight anybody. Bang bang gravy chip!”

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Bout 5: Main Event
Lightweight, 10 Rounds
JONO CARROLL (9st 11lbs 12oz) vs. MAXI HUGHES (9st 9lbs 5oz)

Each round was extremely close and could have gone either way, but Hughes was the man scoring the more eye-catching shots.

Hughes dug deep in the final round and scored a couple of lovely shots to upset Carroll as the unanimous decision winner!

'King Kong' worked hard but 'Maximus' landed the cleaner shots to win the rounds.

Post-fight, Hughes said, "It's about time! I always knew I could do it, pushed some top boys, and tonight I pulled it off! Jono is world class and he brought the best out of me."

Gracious in defeat, Carroll admitted he underestimated his opponent's ability at range. He said, "His range was spot on and I just couldn't find my rhythm."

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Maxi Hughes bt Jono Carroll UD10 (96-95, 96-95, 97-93)
Sean McComb bt Siar Ozgul UD10 (99-92, 97-93, 97-93)
Sahir Iqbal bt Maredudd Thomas UD8 (77-76, 78-75, 78-74)
Pierce O’Leary bt Jacob Quinn TKO4
Craig MacIntyre bt Ishmael Ellis TKO5


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