Jolly Boys 2018

Jolly Boys boxing shows 2018 – Dates, fights, venues

Published On Friday, October 12, 2018By British Boxing News

VIP Promotions present their annual Jolly Boys boxing shows and we have all the details

Holidays are coming and you know what means… no, not just a fat man invading your chimney, nor a teeth-rotting beverage accelerating their festive marketing. Tis the season and that means VIP Promotions are returning with their famous, and festive, Jolly Boys boxing shows.

As has become the tradition, there will be two Sunday cards from Steve Wood’s thriving outfit, one each in Liverpool and Manchester. Bill details are listed below but each event includes a three-course meal, comedian, singer and the highly regarded VIP dancers. These Christmas bashes generally live up to their label and we’re not even being paid to say so. They also sell out rather quickly.

December 9 - Liverpool, Devonshire House Hotel

Nathan Bennett v s/o
Adam Farrell v s/o
Wesley McSween v s/o
Tom Simpson v s/o

Bennett is a 4-0 super-lightweight; Farrell is the 2013 75kg elite national amateur champion making his belated pro debut; McSween and Simpson are also debutants. All are from Liverpool.

December 16 - Manchester, Victoria Warehouse

Adam Ridge v Joe Eko
Kyle Lomotey v s/o
Brad Rea v s/o

Ridge v Eko is an intriguing battle of undefeated super-lightweights. Ridge (Leigh) is 5-0, Eco (Oldham) 4-0; Kyle Lomotey is a 4-0 middleweight southpaw from Leigh; Stretford’s Brad Rea won his debut in September as a middleweight.