John McCallum

John McCallum forced to withdraw from Ultimate Boxxer 2

Published On Thursday, November 1, 2018By Tim Rickson

Crocked John McCallum pulls out from Ultimate Boxxer tournament

Torn rotator cuff injury spoils John McCallum’s (11-1) chance of participating in the Ultimate Boxxer 2 tournament due to take place on November 2 in London.

The Scotsman said, “After medical advice, I have been forced to pull out of the Ultimate Boxxer tournament as I have ripped the tendons in my rotator cuff on my shoulder.

“This is an injury that has haunted me on and off for the past few years and quite frankly I’m not sure if it will ever heal.”

McCallum, a seven-time national amateur champion from Edinburgh, has already been replaced by Cheshunt’s Georgii Bacon (1-1) who will face Jordan Joseph (7-2-1) in the last of the quarter-finals.

“I’m devastated as this was my big chance to break through in the boxing game,” the 29-year-old continued. “I have trained full-time and even took myself to London for this camp out of my own pocket. I was in great shape and my link up with Leon McKenzie was a success, he’s a great coach and he got me physically and mentally prepared, it was just very unfortunate about the injury.”

McCallum’s sole career defeat was at the hands of footballer-turned-boxer Leon McKenzie in 2015, but the former rivals joined forces when McKenzie messaged McCallum inviting him to his London gym.

“I am truly sorry to everyone who was looking forward to seeing me fight. I am not going to make any rational decisions on my boxing career at the moment as it’s still raw but I do need to put my health first. I will be awaiting results of an MRI scan and seeing the specialist in the next few weeks. Once I find out the long-tern damage, I will be able to make a formal decision on my future in boxing.”

Ultimate Boxxer II takes place on November 2 at The Indigo at The O2 and features former English light-heavyweight champion Joel McIntyre (17-2); highly-touted, unbeaten 6ft 6in star Shakan Pitters (7-0); courageous Dec ‘Kyd Nytro’ Spelman (12-1) who returns to the biggest stage yet since his tragic fight with the late Scott Westgarth; Southern Area title contender Jordan Joseph (7-2-1); British Challenge belt champion ‘Dazzling’ Darrel Church, (7-2-1); Frimley’s fledgling pro Sam Horsfall (2-0); and Paddy Fitzpatrick’s protégé ‘Sniper’ Sam Smith (5-1); and newest addition Georgii Bacon (1-1), who replaces the injured John McCallum.

Love Island’s Idris Virgo (2-0) appears on the undercard as he takes part in his first appearance in the ring since his stint on TV’s most popular reality TV show.

The life-changing £50k prize money and the newest honour in boxing – the sought-after golden robe bestowed personally by Ricky Hatton, await the winner of the ground-breaking new tournament that mixes sport with youth culture and entertainment, with Britain’s biggest DJ Charlie Sloth in attendance alongside many other VIP guests.

Founded on a desire to make the professional game more accessible for boxers and fans alike, Ultimate Boxxer II will be shown on multiple platforms for all generations, with live coverage on Facebook via UNILAD from 8.15pm, before going live on Freeview on Channel 5Spike from 10pm.

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