Joe’s Jab – Weekly column by promoter Joe Elfidh of JE Promotions

Published On Tuesday, November 8, 2016By British Boxing News

JE Boxing is the only professional boxing platform in Kent, owned by ‘The Moroccan Machine’ – Joe Elfidh.


As a fighter, Joe was a two-weight Central Area title contender, defeated a future England champion, and shared the ring with British, Commonwealth and World champions.


As a promoter, he is single-handedly bringing big-time boxing back to The Garden of England.


Welcome to his weekly column exclusive to BBN.

Halloween Scares


Typical of the only weekend of the year where you frighten each other, the ambulance broke down on the motorway on the way to my Maidstone show!


I raced round phoning others and managed to get a ambulance from Ashford, otherwise it could have been an expensive night for me!


The boxing was scheduled to start at 7pm but didn’t get going until around 8.45pm. Luckily, we filled the gap with an auction for an hour, which went really well and raised lots of money.


It was a packed show, even more than last time, five months ago, when I put on the first show at Mote Park for over 16 years.


And, it was very nearly a clean sweep for all my fighters…so close! Here's a quick round-up on all my lads got on.


Tom McGinley (2-1-1)


I manage 29-year-old Tom McGinley from Colchester. He was unlucky to lose on his debut due an accidental head clash, but he improved his record at the weekend with a points win over Luke Fash. 


Elvis Makoda (3-1-2)


I’m trying to get Elvis out as much as possible and he won every round comfortably and even floored his opponent in the fourth and final round with a well-timed body shot.

Chris Matthews (5-0)


Super-featherweight Matthews moved up to 5-0 and looks to be getting stronger with a convincing win over winning fighter Farago.


He rocked the Hungarian, ranked seventh in his country, with a right hand in the opening round and got in loads of good body shots.


The 21-year-old from Maidstone is trained by former European champion Johnny Armour in his Chatham gym.

Charlie Shane (3-0)


Southpaw Shane was sharp and a lot more controlled and calmer than his previous bout when he got several warnings from the ref.


His opponent Hillman was durable, having never been stopped in his career, but he was definitely rocked a few times.


Referee Jeff Hinds took a very close look during the last round but the 35-year-old from Eastbourne survived to hear the final bell and Shane won every round at 40-36.

Louis Greene (5-0)


Greene is such an aggressive fighter who was non-stop with the pressure for the full six-rounds.


He was a bit sloppy and wild at times but that guy he was in with – Omier – I saw box a few weekends ago against Johnny Coyle, and I think that Louis did a better job on him so it just shows you the standard that he is at.

Oli Edwards (4-0)


It was over before it had barely begun, his first ever stoppage in the pros in just 24 seconds!


The Hungarian tried to mix it with Oli but he was too sharp for him and landed perfectly with a jab, which he followed up with a right hand over the top and then finished him off on the ropes.


Kovacs got back on his feet but was too unsteady to fight on. He had two consecutive wins coming into that fight with Edwards so his confidence was right up there.

Tom Dallas (17-6)


This was the shock of the night as no one expected Tom to lose on his comeback fight.


He has been so good in training with Ray Askew in Sheerness but in the heavyweights it just takes one punch to end it all.


He dominated in the opening round working behind his jab well and then floored his opponent and he was given a standing eight-count by referee Jeff Hinds.


Sensing victory, Dallas went straight back to work but got caught with a left hook and wobbled backwards. He was unsteady on his feet so the ref jumped in to save him with just four seconds to go in the second-round.


2:56 was the exact same time on the clock when Dallas lost his last fight to former World heavyweight champion Charles Martin at Madison Square Garden, it's an unlucky time for him.

Spiros Demetriou


I'll be at the York Hall this Saturday night with my unbeaten light-heavyweight Spiros Demetriou.

He is 27-years-old with five wins out of five and he goes up against Istvan Orsos from Hungary. He's a southpaw and he's won six of his last 10 fights, so he'll be a good test for SD.

I'm looking forward to SD getting a few more wins under his belt then we are going for titles next year.

November 26


Onto the next event in Worksop on November 26th. It’ll be the third pro show that we have hosted at the 750-capacity North Notts Arena.


In action will be cruiserweight Darren Snow (3-7-1) from Dinnington; Richard Thomas (3-1) from Doncaster; his brother Nathan Thomas (0-1); debutant David Zubrzycki; Sahib ‘Saby’ Mann (1-0) ; and Elvis Makoda (3-1-2) from Middlesex.


The six-fight card looks set to be sell-out already with each home fighter bringing over 100 fans in support each.


New signings


I mentioned last week that I had signed three new boxers – Kyle Fox and Chris Reyes from Worksop and Luke Gibbo from Kent.


Lots of people have asked when they will be out for their debuts and I can confirm that it will be after Christmas.


These boys are professionals and want to do it properly, signing at the end of October and fighting in December would be too soon to prepare fully or sell enough tickets.


Keep an eye out for the lads, they’ll be out around February or March time.


For tickets to the next show, visit or call 07883 943994


JE Promotions would like to thank Kent Trade Frames - Campbell Nutrition - Invicta Gym - Fighting Fit Gym - Roofdec - 1ClickPrint and PR Manager Tim Rickson