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Joe’s Jab – Issue 36

Published On Monday, August 20, 2018By British Boxing News

In issue 36 of Joe’s Jab, the plans for JE Promotions' fighters are revealed in full

Joe ‘The Moroccan Machine’ Elfidh – a two-weight Central Area title contender who shared the ring with English, British, Commonwealth and World champions – is now an emerging promoter with regular shows in Kent and the East Midlands with an ever-expanding roster of talented fighters.

The head honcho of JE Promotions very kindly takes time out every week to write a column exclusive to BBN:

Joe Elfidh reveals his plans for his stable of boxers in the new season

"The new season is almost upon us and I have some very exciting plans for my fighters coming up. I have listed all of my south division of fighters and the plans I have for them in the coming season."

Grant “Go-Getter” Dennis (10-1)
Middleweight, 34, Chatham
Achievements: Southern Area middleweight champion, English title contender, British Challenge belt champion,  

“Grant wants big fights now. He’s been a Southern Area champion, won two Challenge belts – British and International – and should have won the English against Elliott Matthews but was robbed on a home decision. We got told Vijender Singh wanted Grant for the Commonwealth super-middleweight title and he accepted it, but it fell through at their end.

Nicky Jenman (20-13-1), who Grant beat for the Southern Area, just lost his fight to Conrad Cummings (14-2-1) on the Windsor Park bill, so let’s get them together for an Inter-Continental fight on a Frank Warren show. Gary O’Sullivan (28-2) had the WBO belt last, but hasn’t defended it all year, so those two should go in for it.”

Dave “DL” Jones (8-2-1)
Heavyweight, 36, Isle of Sheppey
Achievements: International Challenge belt champion

“Dave has had some tough tests of late, going up against Daniel Dubois and Martin Bakole in his last two contests. I built him up then let him off the leash and, now he’s had two hard tests in the away corner, I’d like him to come back to the home shows and bag a couple of wins against journeymen and gatekeepers.”

Martin “Pie and Mash Kid” Hillman (10-6)
Super-bantamweight, 27, Orpington
Achievements: International Challenge belt champion, three-time Southern Area title contender

“Martin has been so unlucky, losing close fights and being just a single point away from becoming a Southern Area champion. I want him to be involved in those 50-50 title fights as often as possible. Win, lose or draw, he’s never in a dull fight. He works so hard in the gym, he’s entertaining and talented, and he thoroughly deserves to win that Southern Area title. Two to three more wins for Martin then we’ll look at challenging for the Southern Area again. He’s back on October 6 in Maidstone.”

Charlie “The Animal” Shane (6-0)
Achievements: British Challenge belt champion
Super-middleweight, 27, Chatham

“I’m planning for one more fight for Charlie on October 6 before I try to make him mandatory for the Southern Area title against the current middleweight champion Tey Lynn Jones (11-1).”

Lenny “The Main Man” Fuller (1-0)
Middleweight, 24, Maidstone
Achievements: Unlicensed boxing champion

“I want to keep Lenny as active as possible. He lives in the gym, sells lots of tickets and has the drive to go far, so he will be one to fight regularly. I’m pushing him toward six-rounders soon, and he’ll be ready for the Southern Area title by end of the next season or even earlier next year. I want to get him to double figures asap, but he could actually fight for Southern Area within six or seven fights, he’s that capable.”

Luke “Gibbo” Gibb (3-1)
Super-lightweight, 29, Bexleyheath
Achievements: Team GB Development Squad, England International, London ABA champion, Four Nations silver medallist

“I want to get Luke back to winning ways after his loss in his last fight to Northern Area title contender Jordan Ellison (8-12). I’ll build him up with another few wins before we go for another title again.”

Tom “Micro Machine” McGinley (5-1)
Super-bantamweight, 30, Chelmsford
Achievements: British Challenge belt champion

“I managed to line Tom up as mandatory for the Southern Area super-bantamweight title that Martin Hillman failed to win by a single point against Duane Winters (10-1). Tom goes in the away corner against the champion on September 22 at the UWE Exhibition and Conference Centre in Filton, Bristol.”

Jack Raines (5-0)
Super-featherweight, 26, Sittingbourne
Achievements: NABC finalist

“I want Jack to get another win on the record on October 6, so I can then make him mandatory for the Southern Area title next, hopefully in his very next fight.”

Jack Budge (2-0)
Featherweight, 23, Hoo, Kent
Achievements: ABA champion and Three Nations gold medallist

“Another Jack and another one ready for Southern Area fights already. Just got to keep active and keep winning.”

Paul “Bomber” Brown (2-0)
Light-heavyweight, 29, Margate
Achievements: Southern Counties ABA champion

“I’ll keep Paul active, keep giving him learning fights and move him up to six-rounders next.”

Danny Barrett (1-0)
Welterweight, 26, Stoke in Kent
Achievements: Haringey Box Cup gold medallist

“I’m getting a few more four-rounders in for Danny before moving him up to six. Then I want to fast track him. From day one, he has been a pleasure to work with, along with his trainer Paul Whiffen, they are the nice guys of boxing. I hope that Paul starts to attract more fighters to the pros, as he has a great set up at his academy and is doing a great job with Danny.”

Aidan “Kid Cassidy” Cassidy (Debutant)
Light-heavyweight, 23, Sittingbourne
Achievements: Haringey Box Cup silver medallist

“I’m going to introduce Aidan to the pro scene, starting on October 6 at Mote Park, and try to get him out once more before the end of the year.”

Danny “The Real Deal” Shannon (3-6-1)
Super-middleweight, 27, Chatham
Achievements: Southern Counties ABA champion

“Danny wants to box everybody, he’s a real fighter and I’m glad he’s back. He had a three-year break but now he’s back, looking for big fights and title contests. He’s already upsetting unbeaten boxers, he defeated Michael Stephenson, who was 1-0, on points last month. He was the first ever signing for JE Promotions back in 2014 and now he wants to go on the road and beat prospects and win titles and become a genuine contender for the Southern Area title.”

James Chiericato (4-2-1)
Super-featherweight, 29, Whitstable

“James is back after long-term injury problems. His shoulder has been under surgery now so, all being well, he should be good to go on October 6 in his first fight back since March 2016. He had shoulder injuries all through his pro career and has a couple of losses to show for it. I now want to keep him active and injury free.”

Ricky “Slik Rik” Leach (3-29-1)
Super-bantamweight, 28, Thanet, Kent

“Just want to keep Rick safe and to keep him busy by getting him good fights on the road for good money. He’s had 34 bouts in four years as a pro, so that’s very good going. He had a couple of mis-matches at the start of his career against Gamal Yafai and the current Commonwealth champ Jay Harris, but he’s getting matched well and paid well now he’s with JE Promotions.”

Zeki Hussein (0-1)
Lightweight, 32, Gillingham

“Zeki just needs to get his medical finalised and he’ll be back out and active again after losing on his debut over four years ago. Now signed to JE Promotions, we will carefully handle his career by getting him some confidence-building fights at home, followed by some tougher learning fights until he’s ready to push for titles.”

“I would like to conclude by saying thanks to Kent Trade Frames for all their help with the shows and for being our primary sponsors since day one.

“Also, thanks to Mario Michaels from PEJ Allstars Gym; Paul Whiffen from Paul Whiffen Academy; and Ray Askew from the thriving Invicta Gym.”

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