Joe’s Jab – Issue 16

Published On Friday, February 24, 2017By British Boxing News

JE Boxing is the only professional boxing platform in Kent, owned by Joe ‘The Moroccan Machine’ Elfidh.


As a fighter, Joe was a two-weight Central Area title contender, defeated a future England champion, and shared the ring with British, Commonwealth and World champions.


As a promoter, he is single-handedly bringing big-time boxing back to The Garden of England and his hometown of Worksop.


Welcome to his weekly column – exclusive to BBN.

Tom Dallas halted in his tracks


Tom Dallas dropped down to seven losses on his ledger when he was defeated by rival Tom Little on February 11th. Although Dallas overcame Little in the Prizefighter Tournament in 2012, this time he got his revenge.


It was hard to witness; personally, I think he just froze, and like his old sparring partner David Price, he allowed the occasion to get to him and put too much pressure on himself.


For me, it seemed like on the night he was like a fox caught in the headlights. He got caught on the ropes and froze and didn’t throw back.


Full credit to Tom Little but he beat a Tom Dallas that I’ve never seen before.


I’ve seen him sparring and training and that wasn’t the same man in the ring that night. In training, he was sharp and excellent on the pads.


We have to sit down as a team and work out what’s best for him from here.


Tom Little immediately started calling out my other heavyweight Dave Jones. He’s ex-army, tough as anything, and he’ll fight anybody.


Little has been saying he’s scared to fight him, but I know Dave very well and he’s a soldier, typical ex-military, tough lad who would never back down from anyone, I can tell you now that he will fight anybody.


We need to sit down as a team and steer him correctly. He’ll ring me tomorrow and say I’ll fight Little injured. It’s a matter of matching him correctly, he’s only had seven fight so still a novice pro in development.


I think he’s ready for Southern Area level already, and he’s definitely ready for Little but he’s injured currently so we have to get him ready and make sure he’s 100 per cent. We won’t entertain offers like that when he is only 80 per cent.


We were on the army team together and he never shied away from fighting anybody, so Little’s claims are a joke.

The New Era this Saturday in Maidstone


There’s five fights on my Maidstone show this weekend which is just right for a show.


Ex-England International Luke Gibbo is making his debut. He has sold hundreds of tickets and will be the most heavily-supported fighter on the night.


Undefeated Chris Matthews is on, he’s going into his last four-rounder, after this one he’ll move up to six-rounds. He is improving with every fight and is now training with Keith Rose in Rochester after leaving Johnny Armour.


Unbeaten middleweight Oli Edwards has his first fight of the year finally, after originally scheduled to fight earlier on this month.


Martin Hillman (8-3) has his first fight back after his loss to Boy Jones in a Southern Area super-featherweight title fight last December.


iFL TV are coming down to the show to interview the fighters.


Ringside and VIP are all sold out. There’s standard tickets available on the door. It’s tiered seating so there’s not a bad seat in the house.


There’s an after party at The Gallery Nightclub in Maidstone Town Centre after the show. Anyone with a ticket from the boxing gets free entry.

New signings


New signings this week in the form of Billy Newbury from Chatham and Paul Brown from Ramsgate.


Both fighters were top class amateurs and did a bit in the unlicensed scene, and now they both want to test themselves in the pros.



Professional boxing is booming right now all over the world and, in particular, the UK.


I also think Kent is thriving, too, and I do believe there’ll be a national champion again from Kent pretty soon.


I’d like to see an English or British title coming to Kent soon.


Southern Area middleweight champion Grant Dennis is close and we have put a few offers out to lots of people for big titles, just waiting for responses.


He’s done his apprenticeship on the small hall shows, we have built him up well, and he’s ready to be let off the leash now. Let’s see what he can do.



For tickets to the next show, visit or call 07883 943994


JE Promotions would like to thank Kent Trade Frames - Campbell Nutrition - Invicta Gym - Fighting Fit Gym - Roofdec - 1ClickPrint and PR Manager Tim Rickson