Tommy Langford vs Jason Welborn rematch

Jason Welborn and Tommy Langford thrill crowds in second Brum barnstormer

Published On Sunday, September 9, 2018By Anish Parekh

Local rivals Jason Welborn and Tommy Langford thrilled crowds a second time in Brum barnstormer

Jason Welborn’s two early knockdowns were the difference as he once again defeated Tommy Langford by split decision

Two judges scored the contest 114-113 and 115-114 in Welborn's favour whilst the other saw it 114-113 to Langford

Their first fight last May now nominated as Contest of the Year in BBBofC Awards 2018

In a spectacular show of boxing and bravery, the two Brummies engaged in a ferocious battle for the British middleweight title.

In the opening round, Langford looked to rectify his errors from the first fight, opting to stifle his forward-marching foe by landing fast, hard jabs and quick combinations. He clinched and spun away from danger when in close quarters. However, at the end of the round he was made to pay for his one moment of lost concentration as Welborn connected with a crunching uppercut that sent Langford sprawling to the canvas.

Langford looked to have regained his composure in the second round, but once again was sent crashing in the third round following a superb straight right from the defending champion. The end was seemingly inevitable as Welborn hunted his unsteady opponent around the ring and piled on the punishment, but just couldn’t break the body or spirit of his stubborn challenger, as Langford somehow managed to survive a torrid round.

The determination to regain his title spurred Langford on as he went on the attack using his stiff, hurtful jab as both a weapon and base to unleash his combinations that stunned his fellow Birmingham native. As the gruelling contest wore on, Langford was beginning to win rounds and eat up Welborn’s early lead, as the champion breathed heavily and relied on single power shots.

By the ninth round Welborn seemed to have gained a second wind, just like he did in their first meeting on May 4, and let his hands go by landing powerful combinations that sometimes troubled Langford. The challenger, however, was undeterred and would immediately answer back with his own volley of punches.

The final stanza was perfectly set up for a grandstand finish as both men went all out to win the decisive round. They traded power punches and emptied every ounce of energy, as the stunned Birmingham crowd looked on in disbelief at the admirable desire and unpuncturable hearts of the two warriors.

In the end, Welborn’s power punching was the difference as he retained his title. However, both men can be incredibly proud of the sensational effort demonstrated in a an epic and unforgettable war.