Idris Virgo signs with promoter Mick Hennessy, then calls out Tommy Fury and Jack Fincham love island watch ko amateur career

Idris Virgo signs with promoter Mick Hennessy, then calls out Tommy Fury and Jack Fincham

Published On Tuesday, December 15, 2020By British Boxing News

Virgo signs long-term contract with Hennessy Sports

Loudmouth Brummie calls out fellow Love Islanders

Flash and brash unbeaten middleweight ace Idris Virgo (8-0-1, 1KOs) has signed a long-term promotional agreement with promoter Mick Hennessy as he aims takes his fledgling career to the next level.

The unbeaten 27-year-old from Birmingham has a busy period ahead featuring on two Hennessy Sports cards staged at the Fly By Nite studio in Redditch, both shows televised live and exclusive on free-to-air Channel 5.

'The Bodybreaker' said, “I’m over the moon to sign with Mick Hennessy, he believes in me and where I’m going and what I’m going to do and I’ll deliver on that.”

“Mick’s a very experienced and knowledgable promoter with an eye for talent who has brought through some of the best fighters in recent years to become World Champions and household names, I’m confident that together we will achieve the same.”

“I’m dedicated to boxing and with this new deal in place I’m one hundred percent committed to the sport and achieve my aim of becoming a World champion.”

One fighter Virgo is looking forward to welcoming to the pro ranks is Jack Fincham, the winner of Love Island 2018, who recently turned professional with Ben Davison as his trainer, and who Virgo issued a challenge to.

He added, “Jack knows I’d end his pro career before it even got started if he met me.  There’d be no love lost there, call it whatever you want “The Battle of Love Island’, deep down he knows he can’t win against me, it would be a one sided beating from me.”

Hennessy is delighted to welcome Virgo to his stable and is looking forward to a lively ride with the young yet controversial talent.

He said, “Idris is a great signing and he has great potential inside and outside of the ring.  We look  look forward to working with him, Jon Pegg and his trainer Anthony to developing him into the fighter that we believe he can become.  He’s flash and brash, some people like it, some people hate it, but it makes people sit up and take notice.  It’ll be a fun and exciting journey with him that’s for sure!”

Then, on FUBAR Radio, Idris Virgo further provoked fellow Love Island alumni Tommy Fury and Jack Fincham around the possibility of them boxing one another and set his sights on 2019 star Joanna Chimonides.

Speaking to hosts Bobby Norris and Stephen Leng on Access All Areas about the rumours of him fighting Tyson Fury’s younger brother Tommy and 2018 Love Island winner Jack Fincham, the unbeaten 27-year-old explained: “It has been quite interesting between me Jack, and Tommy but all I’m saying is we can have a Love Island battle and the best guy will win. I’m the handsome guy out of both of them. The best boxer will win so yeah, we’ll go from there." 

When asked by Bobby if it was definitely something he wants to do, the lothario revealed: "100%, send the contract over, I’ll sign it and get it on! 100%. But I don’t think they want it. That’s the only problem. Ask them! Let’s see what they say."

When quizzed on why they don’t want to do it, the West Midlander didn’t hold back as he admitted: "They are scared, 100% they are scared. They are underneath their blanket, thinking I’m the boogieman, making sure I don’t pop out and scare them. That’s how scared they are. They are really scared."

Idris isn’t afraid of making enemies, and has already gained one with 2017 Love Islander Theo Campbell, who he once claimed faked being blind, after a freak accident with a champagne cork. Discussing what the cause of their fiery relationship was, he said:  “On The Challenge, he stabbed me in the back, that little snake! Like in the first episode of The Challenge, him and Bear plotted to put me in because I was a rookie and from there we were just both hating each other. So, it was quite shocking. But hey, Theo is Theo. That’s how he is. I’ll get my revenge."

When asked whether that could be in the ring, he said: “He can’t box, can he? I’d beat him in a race. But I don’t think Theo can box. I’d still beat Theo… If he wants to get it on as well, we’ll get it on."

Boxing isn’t the only thing that’s on his radar at the moment, as he admitted he’s still single and looking for love. After a few cheeky jokes from the lothario, host Stephen said: “You’re obviously quite a confident guy, I can see that quite clearly, but do you think that might put some of the ladies off?”

Idris wasn’t afraid to share his feelings, admitting: “No, all women want a confident guy. If they don’t want a confident guy, what’s going on? I don’t know, I don’t think I put them off. I probably have too much muscles for the girls, you never know. I don’t know. I might slide into Joanna’s [Chimonides]’s DM actually… Joanna from Love Island. Yeah, I might slide into her DMs.”

When Stephen pointed out that she used to co-host Access All Areas with him, Iris was quick to add: “What’s going on? Hook me up! What’s going on? Hook a brother up!”

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