It's now vitally important for boxers to push their profile

How important is it for boxers to build their brand?

Published On Saturday, May 23, 2020By British Boxing News

It's now vitally important for boxers to push their profiles

Self-promotion and boxing goes hand in hand; it has done throughout history, with Muhammad Ali notably being one of the first to use it successfully and transcend it to another level.

Now more than ever, it’s vital for boxers to build their brand, show off their persona, and expand their fanbase to ultimately put bums on seats for shows.

‘The Money Team’ began as a playful, showy name for Floyd Mayweather’s growing entourage, but it soon evolved into a lavish lifestyle brand that now sells popular merchandise, including hats, shirts, tracksuits and much more.

For boxers, creating an aesthetically pleasing logo, such as the eye-catching CA emblem for Canelo Alvarez, is key to building a brand.

It’s not just pound-for-pound superstars that are doing this however, fighters from the lowest levels are investing their time into building their names to elevate their profiles.

It’s easy to do in this modern age with so many resources available such as mockup logo templates available online, which can be used on various projects.

A sleek, stylish looking logo can be rolled out onto all different types of apparel for boxers to proudly wear, but also sell to their fanbase, who will hopefully wear at shows and out in public, helping to promote the boxer and their brand as a walking advertising board wherever they go.

Websites such as offer free design resources available for immediate download, which are free of charge with thousands of options for all different projects, such as free SVG’s, free graphic packs, illustrations, icons, templates, background, textures and more. The ability to make mock ups allow potential buyers to see how the product will appear before making a purchase.

Boxers have been known to crate their own fight posters in order to get ahead at promoting and advertising their next fights. Despite having zero design skills or experience, resources readily obtainable online have made the process easier than ever before.

It doesn’t stop there, with so many social media platforms accessible with the ability to showcase behind the scenes footage for fans, such as sparring, training, and anything else the boxer believes will be interesting.

There are websites, such as Wordpress and Wix, that are free to set up from scratch and are so simple to do.

When a boxers brand and profile reach stratospheric levels, the sponsorships and lucrative deals come rolling in.

Of course, the boxer must be marketable in their own unique way to develop this product they are constructing, someone like Conor McGregor would be the perfect example of this. Being a larger than life character, overly outspoken, or dangerously controversial doesn’t always suit everyone however, but it’s reassuring to know that other personas have caught the public’s attention and hearts in the past.

Ricky Hatton was likeable, funny, humble, and down to earth, and he amassed the biggest fan base in British boxing history. Obviously, being hugely talented and exciting to watch played its part too!

The options are endless in this modern age, with so many free resources available to use, meaning that any fledgling pro can try their hand at becoming the next big ‘Money’ team!