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Hosea Burton: "First Liam Conroy, then I want Lyndon Arthur!"

Published On Monday, June 21, 2021By British Boxing News

Hosea Burton: "Lyndon Arthur is a sitting duck and ready to be knocked out at any time"

Hosea Burton has labelled Lyndon Arthur as a 'sitting duck' - and wants to face him next provided he can defeated Liam Conroy on this Friday's huge #MTKFightNight.

The massive card takes place at the University of Bolton Stadium this week, and will be broadcast live on ESPN+ in association with Top Rank, and worldwide on IFL TV.

Burton (25-2, 11 KOs) faces Conroy (18-6-1, 9 KOs) in a final eliminator for the British light-heavyweight title, and 'The Hammer' has pulled no punches ahead of the fight.

He believes his power will be too much for Conroy, and is then desperate to take on fellow domestic rival Arthur next, stating that he's ready to be knocked out at any time.

Burton said: "I'm pleased to be back in the ring after nine months out and it's good to blow the cobwebs off again. I've never thought much about fighting Liam even when we were in the Golden Contract. I like him so would prefer not to face him, but a fight is a fight and it is what it is.

"I don't think there is any added motivation after my last fight. I always train hard and prepare to the best of my ability. I believe it will be that ability along with my punch power will be too much for Conroy on the night. I just think I'm a better boxer when it comes to it.

"Craig Richards holds the British title and I would love to face him next, but I know as soon as I win then he will vacate it. That's my prediction for what will happen. Me and Conroy should already be fighting for the vacant title in my opinion.

"The domestic scene is on a high and I'd love to face any of the big names, especially Lyndon Arthur. He's a sitting duck and ready to be knocked out at any time. I would fight him for free as long as I got the chance.

"We've got Paul Butler on the same card on Friday too and it's been good training alongside him. He's a hell of a trainer and a hell of a boxer, and hopefully we can both get the job done."

Elsewhere on Friday's action-packed card, Jay Harris takes on Ricardo Sandoval in a final eliminator for the IBF flyweight title, Paul Butler meets Joseph Agbeko for the vacant WBO International bantamweight title, Gary Cully fights Viorel Simion, Pierce O'Leary returns, Jordan Reynolds faces Jan Ardon, Tyrone McCullagh goes up against Brett Fidoe, Blane Hyland squares off with Reiss Taylor, and Inder Bassi collides with Chris Adaway.


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