Home Workout with Chris Evangelou

Home Workout with Chris Evangelou

Published On Tuesday, March 24, 2020By British Boxing News
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Get fit with 'The Flash'

Southern Area title contender Chris 'The Flash' Evangelou has teamed up with British Boxing News to offer assistance during this troublesome time. The entire country is currently on lockdown, families confined to their homes with only one visit out allowed per day to exercise.

So, the boxer-turned-actor, also a qualified Personal Trainer, has used his valuable experience to offer BBN readers a full workout routine which can be done from the comfort of your own home, with minimal space required.


Home Training Circuit by Chris Evangelou

- 20-30 seconds each exercise, depending on your fitness level

- 1 minute rest between circuits

- Do this circuit twice

- Have a bottle of water and a small towel handy... YOU WILL SWEAT! 

*Google any exercises that you do not know before starting


Let's go!

- Squat jumps

- Jumping jacks

- Plank extensions (elbows to hands alternate) 

- Mountain climbs

- Squats with leg side lifts

- Press ups (on knees if necessary) 

- Plank extensions (elbows to hands alternate) 

- Squats no jump (don't come all the way up) 

- Ab cycling (on back) 

- Close grip press ups




- Press ups on knees

- Back crunches

- Russian twists

- Plank extensions (elbows to hands alternate) 

- Squat jumps

- Alternate V sit ups

- Jumping Split squats (Alternate) 

- Close grip press ups

- High knee sprints

- Squats no jump (don't come all the way up) 


Congratulations for making it through, keep trying this workout everyday and it will get easier and your fitness levels will go through the roof!

Message me on Insta @ChrisEvangelou or on Twitter @ChrisEvangelou to tell me how you get on, it'll be great to hear from all of you!

I'm currently doing virtual one-to-one training via Zoom / Skype. For full workouts without the need for any equipment - message me for further details.

Stay safe and stay fit!


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