Round by round action from the Golden Contract Finals

BBN are reporting LIVE round by round action from Wednesday's #GoldenContract event - broadcast live from the Production Park Studios in Wakefield on Sky Sports in association with Matchroom Boxing and on ESPN+ in association with Top Rank.

Jazza Dickens, Ryan Walsh, Serge Michel, and Ricards Bolotniks are all vying for a lucrative six-figure contract with MTK Global, but only two can sign on the dotted line.

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Fight #1

Middleweight, 6 rounds

Rising Irish middleweight star Fearghus Quinn (1-0) opens the show against Bicester's Scott James (6-6-1), who has won his last contests and only lost once in his last six appearances.

Ireland's Quinn defeated Southern Area title contender Robbie Chapman (6-4) in his professional debut last August and now tests himself again against a man on form.

Lots of punches exchanged early on. Quinn's awkward southpaw backhand plenty of times and his straight shots soon bloodied James' nose. James put in a couple of body shots when they fell in close but was paid back with a swift uppercut. It was a high energy round from Quinn and it's hard to see if James will be abe to compete at that pace and punishment for another five rounds.

James must have thought he was fighting with an octopus in round two. Quinn's shots were repeatedly bouncing off the Bicester boxer's head.

Tough as nails, 29-year-old James was still throwing and came forward for the irst time in round three. It was a lively round, very entertaining and competitive. Better round for James.

The away fighter was backed up once more in the fourth and those straight backhand lefts from the southpaw stance were connecting cleanly again. Quinn's straight left was his most effective punch, but his body hooks lacked in real power in them. He slipped over briefly in the final minute and was up again quickly, but James took it as a chance to roar onwards. The pair ended trading in cose quarters.

'The Mighty Quinn' was a lottle overeager and just needed to pick his shots with more quality in mind over quantity, but his style was working to win the rounds against James.

The backhand left was still his most successful shot and he landed around four of them consecutively to kick off round five with. Again, the round ended with the pair trading in close quarters, with James sneaking in short shots whenever there was a second's respite.

James looked pretty fatigued by the end, having taking so many shots over the 18 minutes of action.

The scores were read aloud as 60-54 in favour of the winner Quinn, extending his record to 2-0.


Fight #2

JAMES MCGIVERN (9st 7lbs 12oz) vs. JORDAN ELLISON (9st 9lbs 4oz)
Lightweight, 6 rounds

Belfast's James McGivern (1-0) takes on the talented Jordan Ellison (11-30-2, 1KO) in his second outing as a paid puncher.

The Northern Irish southpaw opened the show last August with a convincing 60-54 points win over Stockport's 'Devil Child' Jamie Quinn (7-105-2). Now he faces a tough test with 'Baby J' Ellison in front of him, who's last win came against former Commonwealth lightweight champion Sean 'Masher' Dodd (17-5-1, 3KOs). The County Durham journeyman has ruined the unbeaten record of around half a dozen prospects, so Commonwealth Games bronze medallist McGivern will have to be at his very best here.

'The Natural' tried to take Ellison's head off with the very first punch but the left hook buzzed violently over his head. The southpaw put together combinations but nothing too troubling so far for Ellison. Nothing really landed too cleanly or heavily upon him.

So, in round two, Ellison trudged forward looking sharp and meaningful. However, McGivern was patient and tunred the tide, eventually flooring Ellison with a left hook to the body, just under the ribs, whipped in with speed. He whizzed forward but Ellison was saved by the bell.

In the third, 'JE' tucked up tight and came forward with pace and intention. McGivern boxed expertly on the backfoot but was soon back in the driving seat by the second half of the round and began to whip in more body shots. He ended the round with his hands confidently down by his sides.

Ellison started every stanza sharply with swift jabs and great head and foot movement. In round five, his constant fluidity didn't provide McGivern with any opportunities for success, but he did manage to catch up with him in the closing 30 seconds to land a few combinations.


Fight #3

ADAM AZIM (9st 11lbs 7oz) vs. ED HARRISON (9st 9lbs 10oz)
Lightweight, 6 rounds

Fight fans are in for a treat here, as World No.1 ranked amateur Adam Azim steps through the ropes as a professional boxer for the first time.

As an amateur, he won every national title from Schoolboys to Youths, and was the World No.1 at welterweight. Now, the 18-year-old from Slough aims to become a world champion within two years, and his first test comes aganst Blackpool's Ed Harrison (2-4), who's name is now well known for upsetting 4-0 prospect Mohammad Bilal Ali in his last fight in September.

Adam Azim was sharp and flashy, with a style similar to Prince Naseem. He hunted down Ed Harrison, who did extremely well to keep away from the debutant. The 'Assassin' was showboating a lot and was never uncomfortable at any stage, making it look easy.

He won his pro debut 60-54 and looked like he could have gone another three or four rounds if he had wanted to.


Fight #4

DANIEL EGBUNIKE (9st 13lbs 5oz) vs. HARLEM EUBANK (9st 13lbs 7oz)
Eliminator for English super-lightweight title, 10 rounds

Providing chief support to the tournament finales, Danny 'Darko' Egbunike (6-0, 3KOs) and Harlem Eubank (10-0, 3KOs) put it all on the line in an attempt to land an English title shot at super-lightweight against the titleholder Kay Prospere (14-0, 1KO).

31-year-old Londoner 'Darko' won the vacant Southern Area super-lightweight title in hs last fight at the York Hall in November last year, so it's been an entire 12 months since he last stepped through the ropes.

Chris's cousin Harlem Eubank was only in action in September when he displayed a patient and powerful performance against Medway's Martin McDonagh (8-2), who also lost to Egbunike too, but went the full 10-rounds with him back in June 2019. 26-year-old Brighton boxer Eubank increased the intensity all through the eight-round contest with McDonagh until he finally knocked him out with less than 30 seconds left in the contest, breaking the southpaw's jaw in the process.

The opening round was lively and intruiging. Eubank was more mobile as Danny Darko took the centre of the ring. He had to cp a few at times, but he landed the heavier, more eye-catching punches as two strong right hnds hit home heavily on Harlem. The cousin of Chris Eubank Jr aggressively threw Egbunike to the canvas shortly after.

Harlem had a very dominant second stanza, busy with his shots and fleet-footed. He landed a strong right hand to finish the round on.

It was an interesting contest by round four. Eubank's buoyant boxing was winning the rounds, but it a very close, very vigorously fought fight. Eubank's punch variety and output was greater so far.

Despite how tight it was, Eubank did seem to be getting the edge of the exchanges, landing his lightning fast jabs more often than Egbunike was.

Into round six, the fight was still fast and furious. Darko closed the gap and took advantage of a motionless opponent to land some good shots, specifically a strong left hook to the chin and right hand to the head a little while later. Good round for Egbunike, who looks dangerous when in close.

In round seven, Harlem was spritely once again, making up for th previous round's mistakes. Egbunike missed and swiped at air due to the movement of his foe. There was only one real axchange where both landed on each other.

As the rounds were running out, both boxers were really expending all their energy, Egbunike, in particulr, looking livelier than ever before. He slipped forward, almost thrugh the legs of Eubank, on the bell.

With so many swing rounds, it's easy to see this English Eliminator heading to a draw on the scorecards. 

It ended 97-94 in favour of winner Harlem Eubank.


Fight #5

RICARDS BOLOTNIKS (12st 6lbs) vs. SERGE MICHEL (12st 6lbs 10oz)
Golden Contract final, WBO European light-heavyweight title

Everything you need to know about Bolotniks vs Michel HERE

The opening rounds were very close with both finalists each having their fair share of success, but the 'Bavarian Sniper' likely claimed the first two on the cards.

Michel started round four sharply with some heavy punches thrown, but Bolotniks came on strong and his his man on the run. Michel lacked energy and backed up to the ropes as the Latvian let his hands go with great effect. It was the best round by far.

Michel started the fifth brightly once again but looked to be hurt by Bolotniks very soon into the round with a long left hand to the back of the ribs and had to back up the ropes, but he got back on his jab but then he was rocked to his boots as he almost went down but for the ropes keeping him up so he received a standing eight-count. The pair spent the rest of the round closely, both landing leather, but Bolotniks was the one in control. Michel bravely dug deep and rallied back but 'The Lion' was happy with the 10-8 round as he walked to the corner confidently.

A left hand to the body in the second half of the sixth segment forced a respectful nod from the German as he clearly felt the weight of the Latvian's hands. He was backed up several times during the round and although he let his hands go to keep Bolotniks off, his energy was visibly draining as his aggressor smiled at him as the bells sounded.

A minute into the round, Bolotniks snapped Michel's head back with a jab, then unloaded with a variety of different attacks while his man was on the ropes, exactly where he wanted him to be. The fighters finished the seventh round exchanging with Michel on the ropes once again, unable to turn the tide as Bolotniks kept coming on strong.

Michel landed so cleanly on Bolotniks in the eighth but he barely blinked, and the final minute was spent backed up on the ropes once more as Bolotniks hunted him down. A big left hand to the chin made Michel get on his toes to see out another round, but the writing was on the wall.

With two rounds left to go it's hard to see how Serge can do anything different to win this contest.

Once-beaten Michel did change things up in the penultimate round by dancing on his toes trying to counter. But, once more, Bolotniks was patient and accurate and got to him again, missing with a right uppercut, but landing with a follow up right hook to the temple, coming very cose to forcing the stoppage but he held on and got through to the final round.

The final round begun with Bolotniks leading widely and Michel needing a knockout to win. Bolotniks walked Michel and again came close to making the referee jumo in when he volleyed in shat after shot with a minute to go. He went down in the corner with only 25 seconds to go, and Michel's trainer stepped up to wave the towel. There was only a few seconds remaining but it was the correct decision.

The retirement came at 2:50 seconds after an aggressive and accurate display from Ricards Bolotniks, who started the tournament as a rank outsider.

Ricards Bolotniks retained his WBO European light-heavyweight title and became the second winner after Ohara Davies to secure the lucrative Golden Contract with MTK Global.

Colourful character Bolotniks said: "At Christmas I will now be drinking coke and eating potatoes! I did my job and I showed the tactics that my coach taught me. I am just so happy.

"I want Anthony Yarde next year. Maybe we will see each other. I am ready for 12 rounds, 15 rounds, or 20 rounds! Everything in this tournament was good. Thank you to everybody. I will go drink beer and eat pizza!"


Fight #6

JAZZA DICKENS (8st 13lbs 12oz) vs. RYAN WALSH (8st 13lbs)
Golden Contract final, WBO European featherweight title

Everything you need to know about Dickens vs Walsh HERE

Ryan Walsh looked to have more success in the opening round, landing a lovely looping left hand from afar. Dickens scored one back with a nice backhand left when Walsh mistakingly moved back in a straight line. It was a very tight first round, almost impossible to score.

Another closely contested round, as was expected for this evenly-matched final, with both enjoying their own success.

The third round went up a gear as the pair came out a fast and frenzied, and were promptly warned to watch the coming together of their heads.

Jazza slipped at the start of the fourth, assisted slightly with a push down from Walsh. It was Walsh that was putting the bigger combinations together but Dickens was always quick to cover up and fire back with a clean shot of his own.

Walsh was walking forward in the fifth, putting on the pressure, but Jazza dipped under and snapped his head back with an amazing uppercut. Just as it looked like Walsh had guaged his range just right, Dickens landing a lovely shot just seconds before the bell.

In round five and six, the better, cleaner work seemed to be coming from Dickens, who's hands felt heavier too. Both boxers fought as southpaws in the sixth. Neither one ever looked hurt at any point, the fight was an intense war of attrition with neither wanting to make any mistakes.

Blood was appearing on the nose of Walsh in the seventh. Walsh walked onto a levely left hand from Jazza in the final 60 seconds. The eyecatching shots were coming from Dickens, who may have the slight lead on the scorecards, with three rounds remaining.

More solid combinations from Dickens in the eighth round. The Liverpudlian had grown in confidence during the fight, enthused by his success. He finished the round strongly too. After a very close fight, Dickens looked like he could be pulling awat down the stretch.

Walsh had Dickens in the corner with a minute to go in the ninth, but he didn't capitilse on his moment and the Merseysider pivoted his way out of the corner picking a coupke of lovely shots in the process.

A respectful touch of gloves begun the final round. Nice left hand landed on Dickens' right cheek from Walsh. He proceeded to score a left and right hook also. The oair fought it out closely and violently fr the remainder of the round, where Dickens landed a cracking left.

It goes to the scorecards, but you'd expect the cleaner, cleverer work would mean that Dickens will be just ahead of Walsh.

At the end of the very good fight, it was a unanimous decision win to Jazza Dickens with scores of 98-93, 97-94, 96-94.

An elated Dickens said: "I boxed many ways in this tournament with different styles, and I knew it was my chance to show what I can do. This was my moment on Sky Sports. I beat Leigh Wood and Ryan Walsh this year and now I want a world title. I'll have my rewards when I get my world title. Sorry to those that couldn't be there tonight. I need to thank my coaches George Vaughan and Derry Mathews for everything they have done for me."


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