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Published On Monday, October 10, 2016By British Boxing News
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Name: Louis Greene

Record: 8-0

Weight: Welterweight

Born: Sidcup, Kent

Residence: Leysdown, Kent

DOB: 20/07/1992

Nickname? The Medway Mauler

Favourite current boxer? “Sergey Kovalev and Juan Manuel Marquez.”

Favourite all-time boxer? “Jack Dempsey.”

Favourite fight? “Gatti v Ward.” 

Boxing clubs? “Strood Boxing Gym, Eastern ABC, Bodyshots in Crayford.”

Amateur honours? “I won the Haringey Box Cup 2012, Kent welterweight champion, ABA’s semi-finalist twice, Haringey Box Cup 2013 runner-up.”

Biggest achievement in boxing? “Stopped all three of my opponents in the Haringey Box Cup. As apro, winning the Southern Area title.”

Toughest ever opponent? “Probably Lucas Leskovic, he went into survival mode and grabbed, held and butted me.”

Goals in boxing? “I’ll take it as goes. First, I’ve got to look at the Southern Area title, then see what comes next and take it from there really.”

Retirement age? “I was only talking about this the other day actually, I don’t want to be in this for long. It’s a business and I can’t really give you an age but I want to achieve as much as I can then get out; but it’s addictive as well!”

Team? “My dad John is my trainer, Mark Roe is my manager, just the one sponsor who I work for – MGF Construction. I spar with John Wayne Hibbert and the Walsh brothers, as well as Charlie Shane and Elvis Makoda.” 

Boxing style? “Aggressive, attacking fighter. I like to come forward, cut off the ring and throw hard punches.”

Ring walk song? “From Last of the Mohicans, it’s an Irish war song.”

Pre-fight rituals? “I’ve got nothing like that at all really. I’m impatient, I just can’t wait to get in there and get it done straight away.”

Favourite brand of gloves? “On the day of the fight, I wear Ringcraft Pro10. I like Cleto Reyes gloves.”

Best venue? “Probably York Hall.”

Favourite football team? “Nope, don’t watch football.”

Other sports? “I like UFC.”

Favourite holiday destination? “I like Portugal, that’s a nice place to go.”

Favourite TV programme? “The Sopranos.”

Favourite film? “Far and Away.”

Favourite actor? “Daniel Day Lewis or Tom Hanks.”

Favourite food? “I love a steak.”

Favourite brands? “I like Ralph Lauren gear.”

Favourite superhero? “My little boy loves Hulk.” 

Last tune you downloaded? “Drake – Too Good.”

Best subject at school? “I didn’t really go to school! Probably PE.”

Worst subject at school? “Everything! Probably science.”

Phobias? “Not really got any.”

Motto? “Get in, get out!”

Next fight? “March 3rd at Camden Centre.”

What fight do you want to see happen this year? “Everyone wants to see Golovkin v Canelo rematch; I can’t pick a winner but if I have to pick, I’m gonna’ go with GGG.

If you could fight anyone, past or present, who would it be? “Jack Dempsey.”

Tell us something that not many people know about you? “I’m not as serious and grumpy as I make out to be.”

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