Get to Know… Mark Bridger

Get to Know… Mark Bridger

Published On Tuesday, February 11, 2020By Tim Rickson
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Get to know all about debutant Mark Bridger

'The Banger' Bridger has just won the ABA's, signed contracts with Steve Goodwin, and is now buily preparing for his pro debut in May.

BBN fired 40 quick questions at the national amateur champion:


Name:  Mark Bridger

Record: Debutant

Weight: Super Welterweight

Born: Swanley, Kent

Residence: Swanley, Kent

DOB: 30th April 1990

Nickname? “The Banger”

Favourite all-time boxer? “Muhammad Ali.”

Favourite current boxer? “Vasyl Lomachenko and Tyson Fury.”

Favourite fight? “Don’t have a specific one, there's so many.”

Boxing clubs? “Swanley ABC and Westry ABC.”

Amateur honours? “Senior ABA’s in 2019 at 69kgs.”

Biggest achievement in boxing? “Winning the Senior ABA’s.”

Toughest ever opponent? “Damien O’Neil.”

Goals in boxing? “I want to win the British title outright.”

Retirement age? “I will listen to my body.”

Team? “Steve Goodwin is my manager and John Cole is my trainer.”

Boxing style? “I'm a come forward fighter, high pressure, and like to think I can bang a bit as well!”

Ring walk song? “Can’t Stop by Red Hot Chilli Peppers.”

Pre-fight rituals? “Don’t have none.”

Favourite brand of gloves? “Winning.”

Best venue? “York Hall.”

Best belt? “The British belt.”

Favourite football team? “Dartford and Tottenham Hotspurs.”

Other sports? “I like MMA a little.”

Favourite holiday destination? “Spain.”

Favourite TV programme? “None.”

Favourite film? “Enemy at the Gates and Saving Private Ryan.”

What actor would play you in a film of your life? “Gerard Butler.”

Favourite music? “Don’t have one.”

Favourite food? “Anything sweet – love desserts!”

Favourite restaurant? “TGI Fridays.”

Favourite brands? “None really.”

Favourite superhero? “Wolverine.”

Phobias? “Dying.”

Motto? “Look to the stars but keep your feet on the ground.”

Next fight? “30th May 2020 - York Hall.”

What fight do you want to see happen this year? “Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua.”

If you could fight anyone, past or present, who would it be? “Prince Naseem Hamed.”

What is the best division to watch in boxing and why? “Light middleweight because I am in it.”

What is most important to you in your career between money and glory? “They come together, so both.”

Where do you want to be in your career in exactly one year’s time from now? “Undefeated still.”

Tell us something that not many people know about you? “If they want to stop me, they are going to have to pin me to the floor!”

Twitter? @markbridger12

Instagram? @mark_the_banger_bridger

Facebook? Mark Bridger