Get to know Kieran Gething

Get to know... Kieran Gething

Published On Saturday, April 18, 2020By Tim Rickson

Get to know Welsh Area super-lightweight champ Kieran Gething

The latest edition of the popular 'Get to know' series features the current Welsh Area super-lightweight champion Kieran Gething.

BBN fired 40 quickfire questions at the 25-year-old Welshman.


Name: Kieran Gething

Record: (9-2)

Weight: Super-lightweight

Born: Abergavenny, Wales

Residence: Pontypool, Wales

DOB: 08-04-1994

Nickname? "Not got one yet"

Favourite all-time boxer? "Sugar Ray Robinson"

Favourite current boxer? "Vasily Lomachenko"

Favourite fight? "Got to be Hagler vs Hearns"

Boxing clubs? "Pontypool ABC only"

Amateur honours? "I was two-time CYP Welsh champion; junior, youth and senior WABA champion, silver medal in the Golden Gong Tournament and silver in the British CYP championships."

Biggest achievement in boxing? "Winning national titles at each level I’ve competed at and captaining my country!"

Toughest ever opponent? "Balazs Bacskai (Hungarian champion)."

Goals in boxing? "I’d love to get to European or International titles. That’s my aim, anything more is a bonus."

Retirement age? "30 years old."

Team? "Lyndon James is my head coach; Billy Reynolds my cutman; Tom Stone is my strength trainer, second and physio."

Boxing style? "Energetic and lively."

Ring walk song? "No Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones."

Pre-fight rituals? "Nandos is a must after each weigh in!"

 Favourite brand of gloves? "I love wearing Rival. However I’m a fan of some of the Everlast gloves."

Best venue? "York Hall is the most prestigious venue I’ve boxed in, but I really enjoyed fighting in some of the larger sports stadiums abroad and in Pontypool LC where I got to headline just before Christmas 2017."

Best belt? "The WBC is the best, as everyone knows. I am a fan of how honest the IBO seem and how nice looking the WBA belt is!"

Favourite football team? "Liverpool FC. I get the love of them from my mother, brought up in Norris Green!"

Other sports? "I like to keep an eye on most sports, but I do really love football."

Favourite holiday destination? "Italy – so many cherished memories over the trips I’ve taken there."

Favourite TV programme? "Brooklyn 99"

Favourite film? "Deadpool, really big Ryan Reynolds fan!"

What actor would play you in a film of your life? "Ryan Reynolds?!!"

Favourite music? "I'm a fan of all kinds of music, but not so much the modern stuff!"

Favourite food? "Pizza"

Favourite restaurant? "Casa Bianca in Abergavenny."

Favourite brands? "Puma, Nike and New Balance, out of the big brands! I’m a big fan of some local brands like Autarki and Dafletics that try to do lots for the environment with their work."

Favourite superhero? "Captain America"

Phobias? "None"

Motto? “'Champions aren’t made in gyms, they’re born' - Muhammad Ali."

 Next fight? "Hopefully in June."

What fight do you want to see happen this year? "Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua is a must, and I’d love to watch Canelo vs Billy Joe Saunders too!"

If you could fight anyone, past or present, who would it be? "It’d be great to box Loma to say I had been in with him. But fights I’d like to be a part of this year would be for the Commonwealth title against Philip Bowes, or Sam Maxwell I think would be a great one."

What is the best division to watch in boxing and why? "I think the welterweights to middleweights are the best with a good mix of power, speed and ability."

What is most important to you in your career between money and glory? "Titles. That’s all I’m interested in."

Where do you want to be in your career in exactly one year’s time from now? "Sitting with a major title in the cabinet in my living room and eying up a big fight, hopefully in my hometown of Abergavenny. I’d love to box an open air show at the castle."

Tell us something that not many people know about you? "I want six children and would love to be an actor one day."

Twitter? @Kiwigething 

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