Get to know undefeated super-welterweight Junior Thompson boxer leicester

Get to Know... Junior Thompson

Published On Friday, February 7, 2020By Tim Rickson

Get to know undefeated super-welterweight Junior Thompson

Name: Junior Thompson 

Record: (1-0, 1KO)

Weight: 11.5st

Born: Toxteth, Liverpool

Residence: Toxteth, Liverpool

DOB: 27/02/1991

Nickname? “Majestic."

Favourite all-time boxer? “Got to be Roy Jones Jr."

Favourite current boxer? “ I'd say Guillermo Rigondeaux, so good to watch as a student of the sport."

Favourite fight? “Roy Jones Jr vs James Toney". 

Boxing clubs?  "Golden gloves."

Amateur honours? “ Won the national championships."

Biggest achievement in boxing? “Probably winning the national championships with zero boxing bouts or experience going into it, a proud day for me and my family."

Toughest ever opponent? "Haven't had too many fights to compare with."

Goals in boxing? “ I wanna go all the way, boxing is the wrong sport for any other type of mindset."

Retirement age? “The day my body gives up on me."

Team? “'The Hat' Taggart is my trainer, Kerry Kayes, and the Goodness Grill, Go Green Office Solutions are my sponsors." 

Boxing style? “I'm adaptive."

Ring walk song? “ Drake - Trophies" 

Pre-fight rituals? “ Bit of a weird one, but the left of everything has to go on last!" 

Favourite brand of gloves? “Probably Everlast." 

Best venue? “Only boxed professionally at one, so I'd say the Olympia in Liverpool." 

Best belt? " I don't know." 

Favourite football team? “Up the 'Redmen', Liverpool FC!”

Other sports? “Just football, boxing and MMA, to be honest, anything else I'll just catch the highlights of." 

Favourite holiday destination? “Tough one, it'd be between Orlando, Florida, or NYC" 

Favourite TV programme? “A toss up between Game of Thrones or Power, depends what day it is haha!" 

Favourite film? “Deja Vu with Denzel Washington."

What actor would play you in a film of your life? “I'm not sure he'd be too interested on playing me, but its' gotta be Will Smith.”

Favourite music? “R'nB or anything with a bit of feeling." 

Favourite food? “Home made jamaican food, definitely.”

Favourite restaurant? “Extremely opposite to my previous answer but Yo Sushi - I guess I like variety haha!" 

Favourite brands? “Dont really have a favourite to be honest, I'm very practical though so anything comfortable over something 'fashionable' for me."

Favourite superhero? “I like Deadshot or the Black Panther" 

Phobias? “Swimming in open water, the idea of the creatures that would be swimming beneath me is not for me all that." 

Motto? “Don't let other people judge your capabilities by their limits."

Next fight? “Friday, February 28th in Liverpool." Fight Preview:

What fight do you want to see happen this year? “I wanna be extremely active and learn my trade in the ring as much as possible."

If you could fight anyone, past or present, who would it be? “I know he's bigger than me but gotta be Muhammad Ali, I'd just love to be in there and watch how poetic he moves in person.”

What is the best division to watch in boxing and why? “Currently I'd say lightweight or welterweight, in my opinion, lots of good fighters there.”

What is most important to you in your career between money and glory? “Definitely both but, first and foremost, if I can become financially stable and buy my mum a new house from boxing then I'll be a happy man, then I can start looking at my legacy.”

Where do you want to be in your career in exactly one year’s time from now? “Well I'm very realistic but I want to be making a lot of noise with my performances and touching the start of the bigger fights.”

Tell us something that not many people know about you? “You'll catch me a lot of the time talking to myself, we all do it, I'm just the first to admit it haha!" 

Instagram: "You can find me on Insta at @majestic.junior"

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