Get to Know... Grant Dennis

Published On Monday, November 9, 2015By Tim Rickson
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Name: Grant Dennis

Record: 4-0

Weight: Middleweight

Born: Chatham, Kent

Residence: Chatham, Kent

DOB: 06/11/1983

Nickname? “Go-Getter.”

Favourite current boxer? “Andre Ward but he’s a bit inactive, I like a lot of different styles so can’t actually name a favourite at the moment.”

Favourite all-time boxer? “Roy Jones Jr.”

Favourite fight? “Ward v Gatti.”

Amateur clubs? “Brompton ABC and St. Mary’s ABC.”

Amateur honours? ABA’s Semi-finalist 2002 NABC Quarter-finalist 2001

Goals in boxing? “To become the world champion and be the best.”

Retirement age? “Kind of, I want to be boxing until about 40, around that age. I haven’t even hit my prime yet and I’m 32-years-old!”

Team? “My trainer Veron Quammie, strength and conditioning coach is Elliot Reid, my little bro is always part of my camp Jordan Dennis, my manager Joe Elfidh, James Roache and Martin ‘Slick’ Evans.”

Boxing style? “I’m a bit of a slickster, counter-puncher; a boxing chameleon because I can adapt.”

Ring walk song? “Go-Getter by R. Kelly and Young Jeezy.”

Favourite type gloves? “I always wear Ringside gloves, they’re comfortable and they fit good.”

Toughest ever opponent? “Myself. Just because you have to fight your own demons and I’m always my toughest opponent.”

Best venue? “Probably York Hall. The MGM Grand is on hold for me at the minute!” 

Favourite football team? “Arsenal FC.”

Other sports? “I played semi-pro football for Maidstone United.”

Best friends in boxing? “It’ll have to be my team, they’re all my boys. I’m close with Leon McKenzie so I’ve got a lot of time for him.”

Favourite holiday destination? “Anywhere sunny with a beach, I’m easy! I’d love to go to Egypt and visit the pyramids.”

Favourite TV programme? “Goggle-box is alright. I’m a bit of a Netflix guy to be honest.”

Favourite film? “There’s too many! I’m a Jurassic Park lover, I could reel others off all day.”

Favourite actor? “Again, too many! I like Johnny Depp and Al Pacino and Leonardo DiCaprio.”

Favourite book? “No not really.”

Favourite song? “There’s too many! I’m a bit of an old school garage head or nineties R&B, that’s a bit of me.”

Favourite food? “My homemade turkey burgers, I’m a healthy eating freak, I don’t like crap food.” F

avourite gadget? “I’m a caveman, just my phone is everything I need.”

Favourite brands? “I always have to wear Calvin Kleins when I weigh in. I’m a guy that if it looks good then I wear it regardless of what brand it is. I make the clothes look good, they don’t make me!”

Favourite superhero? “I like Iron Man ‘cos he’s smart and rich and don’t do too bad with the birds either! I do like Spider-man as well.”

Phobias? “I hate anything that’s little and furry like rats and mice. Anything little that moves quick.”

Motto? “If you want it, go get it.”

Next fight? “November 28th in Gillingham.”

What fight do you want to see happen this year? “I wouldn’t mind seeing Khan v Pac, that’ll be good. I wouldn’t mind getting to see Golovkin v Ward either. I think Ward wins that.”

If you could fight anyone, past or present, who would it be? “Roy Jones Jr.”

Tell us something that not many people know about you? “My ambition at the end of my career is to be an actor, I went to college to do acting. The performing arts is a massive passion of mine and I can sing!”

Twitter? @GoGetterDennis