Get to know… Aaron ‘Bam-Bam’ Collins

Get to know… Aaron ‘Bam-Bam’ Collins

Published On Tuesday, August 20, 2019By British Boxing News

Get to know… Aaron ‘Bam-Bam’ Collins

‘My power is definitely one of my major strengths, and I don’t think people should underestimate me.’

Hampshire hitter Aaron Collins (6-0) spoke to BBN ahead of his Ultimate Boxxer challenge on September 20 in London, where an octet of talented, up-and-coming super-welterweights battle it out in one night, winner-takes-all tournament to win The Golden Robe and a share of £50k, live on BT Sport.


Age: 26
Height: 5ft 7.5ins
Record: 6-0
Stance: Southpaw
From: Frimley, Hampshire


In a nutshell

A very good footballer and athlete as a youngster, Aaron ‘Bam-Bam’ Collins came to boxing as a 22-year-old after watching a friend in a white collar event and realised he wanted a piece of the action. Collins shed four stone off his frame in order to compete, and enters proceedings on September 20 at The Indigo at the O2 with a 6-0 winning professional record.

By his own admission, he didn’t have an amateur career but did go down the unlicensed and white collar route before turning pro - he fought 15 times, losing only two.


How long have you been boxing?

For only about four years, I was more into football and running when I was younger, so came to it relatively late. I tore my medial ligament in my knee when I was at Aldershot Town, and when I came back I wasn’t able to play to the same level as I had been before the injury. My coach Matt Gorton gave me the nickname ‘Bam-Bam’ because I was like a Flintstone character, I couldn’t really be controlled when I first started!


What got you into the sport?

I watched a friend do a white-collar event, enjoyed it and thought I could do that. I loved the atmosphere watching my mate fight, with everyone cheering him. I’d been into lifting weights at the time, and was up to about 14.5 stone, but it was quite boring, and boxing gave me the chance to be more athletic.


Why Ultimate Boxxer?

I think it will be a brilliant experience on the night, and I’m also excited about the opportunities it could give me. 50-50 fights, a great night of entertainment, it’s amazing - why not! I think my experience in white-collar boxing will help when I go into the ring in UB5.


Why should we make you the favourite for the UB5 Golden Robe?

It’s all about who’s going to prepare the best, who’s going to train the hardest and fight the best on the night. And that’s me. I’ve carried a lot of strength with me from when I was bigger, even though I’m now fighting at this weight category. My power is definitely one of my major strengths, and I don’t think people should underestimate me.


When you’re training, what’s on the music playlist?

Mostly house, dance - anything with a beat to it. I love 70s and 80s music, remixed.


Who is your favourite sports team, or individual athlete outside of boxing?

I was a really good footballer when I was younger, I played for Aldershot and Hampshire, but Chelsea was always my team.


Who is your favourite fighter?

It chops and changes a bit, but at the minute it would have to be Vasiliy Lomachenko. That guy is insane, he moves well, fights well on the inside, on the back foot, he counter punches. He’s amazing.


What would be your dream fight, if we could transform your weight, height, or put you in a time machine?

In that case, I’d love to be a heavyweight, and fight Deontay Wilder at Madison Square Garden in New York. And cause an upset!