From pugilist to poet - Southern Area champion Daniel Mendes collection of poetry published

From pugilist to poet - Southern Area champion Daniel Mendes collection of poetry published

Published On Wednesday, February 10, 2021By British Boxing News

Daniel Mendes proud to see his work published

Professional boxer and former City of Westminster College student, Daniel Mendes has turned his educated hands to writing a new collection of poetry, published by Chipmunk Publishing.

The talented fighter, who studied a BTEC National in sport and exercise science with the college after leaving school, has published the compendium which addresses the struggles he had growing up as well as those faced during his career in the ring.

Addressing themes of emotion, friendship, family, mental health, relationships, and spirituality, the carefully crafted collection focuses on the Daniel’s whole life, not just the part that boxing fans see when he steps between the ropes.

In addition to competing in the squared circle, the 35-year-old Londoner works full-time as a behaviour mentor for teenagers who find themselves excluded from school, an experience he shares with them having been permanently excluded himself.

Through his work, boxing, and poetry, Daniel aims to be a role model and guide for those young people who find themselves in precarious positions and to help them overcome the conflicts they face in their lives.

The book, titled T.I.S.S.U.E.S, is available in hardback, paperback, and ebook editions from Amazon and through Chipmunk Publishing.

City of Westminster College, part of the United Colleges Group, is extremely proud of Daniel’s achievements, both behind the gloves and behind the keyboard, and wishes him every success with the book and his future career.

Stephen Davis, Group Principal of the United Colleges Group, said: “Daniel is a remarkable person who has achieved so much through a great deal of adversity. He is a fine role model and someone whom we can all look up to.

“This collection of poetry is powerful, riveting, and impactful and I, and the entire college community, congratulate him on having it published.”

Commenting, Daniel said: “I first began writing 19 years ago and so to see my work being published has brought me an immense sense of accomplishment.

“In addition to growing my skills and education, my BTEC at City of Westminster College enhanced my confidence and better prepared me for life.

“I now work at a school in Hackney as a behaviour mentor and I always recommend City of Westminster College to the pupils, sharing my memorable experiences there.”

During his 13-fight career, Daniel won the oldest prize in British boxing - the Southern Area crusierweight title. His last fight was just weeks before lockdown first hit, when he defeated journeyman Dmitrij Kalinovskij on 60-54 on points at his stomping ground - the York Hall.

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