Frankie Gavin wants to emulate Billy Joe Saunders by adding European to his British and Commonwealth titles

Published On Friday, August 1, 2014By British Boxing News

Frankie Gavin wants to copy Billy Joe Saunders by adding the European to his British and Commonwealth belts

Frankie Gavin believes he can follow in the footsteps of his friend Billy Joe Saunders by beating Leonard Bundu in Wolverhampton on Friday to become European welterweight champion.

Saunders defeated Italian Emanuele Blandamura last weekend to add the European middleweight belt to his British and Commonwealth titles and it now it's Gavin’s turn to attempt to become a triple champion.

Italian Bundu is unbeaten but Birmingham star Gavin is confident of victory whilst remaining wary of the threat that Bundu will provide.

“Billy had a fantastic win last Saturday and now it’s my turn to make sure I win the European title and keep it here,” said Gavin. “I’ve dreamt of this since I was a kid, winning the British, Commonwealth, and European titles and now I can’t believe it’s nearly a reality.

“Nothing is getting in the way of me winning the European title, I’ve achieved everything else I’ve set out to do so far in my career and this is the next step for me.

“Bundu is a tough, strong, champion and gets my respect, but I believe that my skills are far superior to his and he won’t be able to deal with what I’m going to do.”

Saunders also reckons that Gavin has the tools to beat Bundu and join him as a triple champion.

“Frankie can do the business this Friday and join me as a reigning British, Commonwealth and European Champion, when he wins the title against Bundu,” said Saunders. “To win the ‘big three’ of belts before a world title is a real honour and a tremendous feeling knowing that you’re the best in your country, the Commonwealth and all of Europe.

“It’s one step away from fighting for a world title and proving that you’re the best in the whole world.

“It’s not an easy fight for Frankie, but neither was Blandamura against me, these Italians are tough and come to fight, but Frankie is easily the most talented and naturally gifted fighters in this country and I’ve no doubt he will beat Bundu.

“Bundu’s the champion, but Gavin is going to have to fight like he’s fighting Bundu in Italy instead of his backyard. He’s got the home advantage, but he needs the challenger’s attitude of fighting away from home and rip the title from Bundu.”