Frank Warren has revealed that he’s just recovered from COVID-19 having spent the last eight days in hospital

Frank Warren reveals he spent eight days in hospital with COVID

Published On Monday, January 18, 2021By Tim Rickson
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Frank Warren was left breathless and hospitalised by COVID

Hall of Fame promoter Frank Warren has revealed that he’s just recovered from COVID-19 having spent the last eight days in hospital.

The Hall of Fame promoter, 68, has endured a rough month after contracting the virus on Boxing Day, but is now thankfully in the clear.

Warren told Seconds Out: “How am I doing? I was in hospital for eight days with COVID, other than that, I’m alright.

“I tested positive just before Christmas, didn’t feel too good.

“My wife wanted to call an ambulance and I didn’t want to go into hospital, so they gave me a bit of oxygen and they went.

“The next day I was really dreadful, she called the ambulance and I went to hospital and that was it.

“I was stuck in hospital with a load of other really poor people, much worse than I was with it. That’s where I was.

“I spent a bit of time in there suffering, trying to fight to get my breath and that was it. I come home last week.”

Regarding the treatment he received from NHS staff, Warren added: “They were marvellous, magnificent. They look after you.

“They’re unbelievable selfless people and you can’t underestimate how much they contribute in a dangerous environment.

“They’re in there with people who test positive, who are suffering. It's an insult to them that people can even doubt it, it's an insult that people disregard the advice they're been asked to take. All these idiots that talk about it as a hoax, I cannot believe how anyone can come up with these ridiculous conspiracy theories.

“The wards were all full, there’s no room. It’s just horrible and I was lucky. I've been there, I've seen it; one guy had been in there for five months, another bloke had a blood clot on his lungs, they're literally fighting to breathe. It sucks the life out of you.”

Warren has returned to work this week and will now be focussed on putting together his fight schedule for the coming months.

His first event of 2021 has already been announced as Carl Frampton vs Jamel Herring for the WBO super-featherweight title on February 27.

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