Frank Greaves

Frank Greaves blasts Horn in press conference stunt

Published On Monday, December 11, 2017By British Boxing News

Gary Corcoran's trainer Frank Greaves blasts Jeff Horn for being a dirty fighter in press conference stunt

Greaves slammed Jeff Horn as a "dirty" fighter and says he will lose Wednesday night's WBO world welterweight title fight in Brisbane provided there is a level playing field.

The Canning Town boxing aficionado turned on his laptop to show examples of Horn allegedly leading with his head in his WBO welterweight title victory over Manny Pacquiao in July.

He then taunted Horn by pulling out a baseball cap with a boxing glove taped to it before a bout of bickering broke out between the two camps.

“He’s strong, he’s tough, but he’s dirty. There’s no question that he’s dirty,” Greaves told reporters.

"If you strapped a glove to his head, it probably would be elite level," he jibed. "He uses it as often as he uses his jab."

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Corcoran, 27, previously said Horn was known for leading with his head and joked that he would bite the defending champion if the Australian attempted to butt him on Wednesday night.

"I'll bite him (if he does head-butt) - let's get on with it," Corcoran laughed. "It's the way he fights. I am expecting it, I have been head-butted before so it doesn't bother me, but Jeff is known for using his head. I am used to it."

The Wembley puncher baulked when asked if Horn was a "dirty" fighter but claimed the proof was there for all to see in the Australian's shock triumph over 11-time world champion Pacquiao at Suncorp Stadium in June.

"Pacquiao didn't get dirty," he said. "The head is going to come in a lot fighting a southpaw (Pacquiao) - but it's the way he fights, don't know if he is dirty or not.

"You'll see how the two of us fight if it is clean or not."

"He is good at it (leading with head) to a certain point but he hasn't fought anyone as big or young as me.

"I have fought bigger boys than Jeff, bullied them - if I want to bully him, I will."

The two-weight WBO Inter-Continental champion has sparred with ex-WBA champion and Shane Mosley conqueror David Avaneysan in preparation for his world title challenge.