EXCLUSIVE: Evolution of betting on boxing over time

Published On Friday, October 26, 2018By British Boxing News

BBN take a closer look at the evolving and increasingly popular online betting trends in boxing

Betting on boxing has a long history that has now transformed to the virtual betting sites and is becoming ever more popular.

Since the 18th century, boxing has been synonymous with betting, as the British defined the sport by making bets available on either fighter and awarded prizes to the champions - still the practise in bare knuckle prizeighting. Professional boxing as we know it today has grown considerably and gone through good, bad and ugly stages, from its peak in the 1960’s and 1970’s with the popularity of fighters like Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard to the more present golden age the pain game is currently experiencing with the most lucrative division in boxing - the heavyweights - looking highy competitive once again after many years of aridity. The UK ended the year of 2016 with a whopping 12 world champions with exciting activity and promise in every single weight class. Despite only having half that number now, British boxing is booming and the fanbase of the sport has never been bigger, as sellout stadiums around the UK can conclusively confirm.


The popularity of virtual betting sites for boxing

Virtual boxing betting is getting easier than ever thanks to a growing number of betting sites for boxing offering an increasing array of bets on the varying results of contests. With a saturated market of sportsbooks taking bets online it has never been easier to make boxing more exciting and accessible by gambling on the numerous outcomes, some of which, if you can guess the exact round it ends, can provide very lucrative returns.

Despite its ups and downs, controversies and difficulties, professional boxing still flourishes and is currently experiencing a golden age, especially in the UK where the king of the world is currently flying the flag for the sport - Anthony Joshua. The gambling capital of the world - Vegas - where boxing chances are available is almost in every sportsbook, there are different betting options you have with betting boxing that give you guidelines on understanding boxing probabilities, including what factors to consider before placing a bet.

In a sport where one punch can change it all, the returns on boxing betting can be astronomical. Tony Bellew's shock win over David Haye in March 2017 would have earned 'Bomber' believers odds of around 8/1 in their first fight, which slipped down to 4/1 in the rematch, which would have yielded fantastic returns for those that predicted a Bellew stoppage victory. Anyone that placed their bets on a fifth-round stoppage win for the Liverpudlian in the rematch would have had the best weekend of their life with their winnings!


Numerous Betting Options for Boxing

Fundamentals of betting boxing sports speculators mostly adore boxing for its ruthless fauna and positive build-up, with only the Super Bowl matching a major competition fight in terms of betting interest and media consideration.

It's also very simple to place a bet on a boxing competition, as you usually stake merely on who you think will win the fight or sometimes on the unusual likelihood of a draw, all comprised on money lines.

It's also important to note that boxing matches have more inflated money line prices than most sports, creating a huge money line differential between the favorite and underdog. For this purpose, you should be conscious that boxing chances at different sportsbooks differ, so shopping around online sportsbooks will get you the most knock-outs for your betting responsibility.

Boxing wagering reached its peak during the legendary Mohammad Ali bout played in Africa about four decades ago. Since then, the betting industry has grown to become a full-fledged multi-million dollar empire.


Rules for betting on boxing:

- Wagering Rules
The wagering process needs players to take or lay money on their favorite fighter. Players can also place bet on the amount of rounds the fight would last.

- General Betting Rules
For wagers to have action, all matches need to start within a week of originally scheduled time. Boxing matches are declared official as soon as the first round bell rings. In most cases, if the number of scheduled fight round changes, the bets will be declared as "No Action". A bettor on a boxer wins by knock out only if the fighter wins by Total Knock out or Knock out.

Looking for the right online sportsbook for betting boxing should also be dogged by who has the most betting offerings & proposals. Following are several advantages of betting boxing from best online sportsbooks, but first and primary, you will get better boxing and more ways to bet a fight.

Round Betting: This where the betting on when the fight will end &who will win
Grouped Round Betting: Betting on the winning fighter between selections of rounds
Total Rounds: You can bet on the over or under a number of rounds that are taking place
Fight Outcome: In this spot fight you can bet on the consequences such as a fighter winning by Knockout, Technical Knockout or Disqualification or a fighter winning by decision. Different chances will be provided for each result and both will be offered for each fighter. You also have the choice of supporting the unlikely but surelypossible outcome of a draw in this area.

UPDATE Nov 19 2018: Since writing this article I've discovered a useful site with tonnes of info on sports betting. They have some good content on placing bets on boxing as well as some great tips on upcoming horse races (if you like the odd flutter on a nag like me).