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EXCLUSIVE: Derrick Osaze reveals reason why he will win Ultimate Boxxer

Published On Friday, March 22, 2019By Tim Rickson
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BBN spoke to Derrick Osaze about Ultimate Boxxer 3

'The Punching Preacher' Derrick Osaze (6-0, 1KOs) is preparing for the next instalment of Ultimate Boxxer - the middleweights.

On May 10 at The Indigo at the O2, eight talented 160-pounders meet in a one-night, televised boxing tournament with a total of £50k prize money available.

Peckham-born 25-year-old 'Delboy', now residing in Nottingham, is just one of the octet set to compete in the competition to be televised live on BT Sport.

Tim Rickson of BBN spoke exclusively to the unbeaten middleweight at the very start of his training camp to find out what he intends to do to become the Ultimate Boxxer:


BBN: Why did you decide to enter Ultimate Boxxer?

DBO: When my manager got the call, it was the quickest and easiest decision for me because why wouldn't I? I didn't need to know who else was in it because it's basically a great platform to use as a launchpad to move you career onto bigger and better things.


BBN: How have you began preparing for the format of the tournament?

DBO: Preparation is going well and I am embracing training and I know coming into this tournament that I will be the best possible version of myself and in top condition to perform to the best of my ability.  I have full faith in my trainers Barrington Brown and Mark Howell that they will do everything necessary to achieve this.


BBN: Is there anyone in the tournament that you would particularly like to face and why?

DBO: I will be ready to face anyone. I don't focus on my opponents, that's my trainer's job, I am just going to focus on being ready for the tournament and following my trainer's instructions.


BBN: What is about you and your style that makes you believe you will win the entire tournament?

DBO: I am a boxer that can mix it up and adapt to my opponent which means that my style alters with each fight to do what is necessary to get the victory. My faith in God, a deep desire to reach the highest levels of the sport, and belief in my ability that's been installed in me by my trainers makes me a very very tough challenge for any boxer that steps in the ring with me, and that's what will lead me to victory.


BBN: What do you hope the platform of BT Sport and Ultimate Boxxer will do for your career?

DBO: It's great to be boxing on such an amazing platform as BT Sport and in a great tournament such as the Ultimate Boxxer, and I believe that these platforms will be a launchpad for my career to go on to achieve bigger and better things in the sport of Boxing.


BBN: Lastly, 'The Punching Preacher' nickname - how did that come about?

DBO: I was ordained last year in March. My parents and everyone at church call me the punching preacher, so I guess it's just caught on now. It's not a nickname I would have picked for myself but I just embrace it now!


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