Dillian Whyte and Andy Ruiz Jr argue over $5 million offer to fight

Dillian Whyte and Andy Ruiz Jr argue over $5 million offer to fight

Published On Monday, April 27, 2020By Tim Rickson

Whyte and Ruiz Jr continue to argue on Twitter

Londoner Dillian Whyte (27-1, 18 KOs) confessed that his promoter, Eddie Hearn, only actually offered former world champion Andy Ruiz Jr. (33-2, 22 KOs) $4 million and NOT the $5 million that he’d been claming for a fight this summer.

Whyte has repeatedly been saying that Hearn offered former IBF, WBA, WBO unified heavyweight world champ Ruiz $5 million for a fight this summer, but that’s not the case. It was $4 million. An email was released publicly to clarify the error.

Whyte mistakenly exaggerated the offer to $5 million when the proposal was for $4 million, but it could have been bumped up to $5 million.

Whyte is still scheduled to fight Alexander Povetkin next, but is keen to face the history-making Mexican afterwards if they can meet Andy’s asking price.

Earlier on Sunday, April 26, Ruiz bit back at Whyte's baiting, calling him a liar about the so-called $5 million offer in this tweet:

‘Yo @DillianWhyte stop clout chasing. You never offered $5M #lies.”

Whyte fired back in an interview with IFL TV, saying that it was a $5 million offer Ruiz received for a fight and even went as far as to say he would produce the e-mail from Hearn, which he has.

Unfortunately for the 'Brixton Bodysnatcher', it shows that the offer was in fact for $4 million, and not the $5 million he originally thought.

Regardless of this digital altercation, Whyte is scheduled to face Povetkin next on July 4, but it's unclear if the event will still go ahead due to the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent restrictions in place.

If Whyte wins his next fight, then he will be looking to challenge the WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury in February of 2021, which is when he gets his long-awaited mandatory shot.

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