Devastated Ted Cheeseman fuming at Scott Fitzgerald defeat

Devastated Ted Cheeseman fuming at Scott Fitzgerald defeat

Published On Sunday, October 20, 2019By Tim Rickson

Distraught Ted Cheeseman calls Scott Fitzgerald decision 'disgusting!'

Straight after his British super-welterweight championship defeat to Scott Fitzgerald (14-0), a shocked and shaken Ted Cheeseman (15-2-1) fumed at the decision in an interview with iFL TV.

‘The Big Cheese’ was decisioned by ‘Fitzy’ on October 19 in Newcastle on the undercard of Robbie Davies Jr vs Lewis Ritson British super-lightweight title fight event, which home fighter Ritson won on points.

The scores of 113-115 and 113-116 twice left the deflated 24-year-old Londoner ranting and raving in his dressing room.

“It’s disgusting! Soon as the last bell went, I thought, in my head, I clearly cruised the fight. Last two I might have lost, so 2-10.

“I’m pissed! [Rounds] 11, 12, he was trying to knock me out but I managed to get through, still pumping the jab.

“I boxed class there for 12-rounds tonight, couple of rounds obviously he nicked, but I still kept to the game plan.”

“I made Scott Fitzgerald look average there, that was the best performance I had as a professional boxer tonight. Everyone's raving about how big a puncher Scott is, I weren’t hurt once, he hardly hit me clean, it was only on the gloves.

“Everyone had me winning, I looked at Sky, [scorecards], it’s like they’re all against me already before the bout.”

IBO female champion at the same weight, Hannah Rankin, also saw the fight through Cheeseman's perspective, stating on Twitter: "No way! Ted Cheeseman had that for me! Draw at worst."

Cheeseman also said, "At least, worst case, it was a draw and I kept the belt, but come on, 113-116 twice and 113-115... what was they watching? Was they scoring the fight before the rounds even started? It's disgusting! I trained for 14 weeks!"

The defeat means that the Bermondsey boxer hasn't won a fight all year, with a European title loss to Sergio Garcia (28-0), followed by a draw in the maiden defence of his Lonsdale belt to stand-in opponent Kieron Conway (12-1), and this latest loss to Fitzgerald.

He left the Newcastle Area contemplating his future in the sport.

Michael Conlan called for Anthony Fowler and Ted Cheeseman to meet, with the winner scheduled for a chance to avenge their defeat to Scott Fitzgerald next.