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Debut Corner with Zane Turner

Published On Wednesday, February 7, 2018By Jack Jacobs
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Debut Corner with light-heavyweight prospect Zane Turner

BBN Talks to promising light-heavyweight Zane Turner ahead of his big debut this Friday 9th February. Whilst talking to the Torquay resident, he shared insight to what made him begin boxing and what he plans to accomplish on his professional combat journey. 

What made you want to start boxing?

“When I was in primary school my friend took me to training, he asked me if I fancied coming along? I thought why not, and, after two months of training, I had my first spar, then about six months after that, I had my first amateur fight.”

Who was your boxing hero growing up and why?

“To be honest, you’ve got to pick Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, all those lot, but I didn’t have one favourite. I enjoy watching a good fight, I enjoy watching different styles, different opponents; I have tried to take a little bit of everything and put it into one, and that’s what I enjoy about boxing, everyone has different styles and different components.”

How old were you when you had your first fight and how did you do?

“First fight, I was eleven. In my first proper amateur contest, I travelled away and I won on a unanimous decision, it wasn’t a bad start!”

How well did you do in the amateurs?

“I won the Western Counties Championships six times, got to the quarters of the nationals twice, I came second in Britain in the ABA finals when I turned 18. Last year, in March, I challenged for the British Challenge belt in the light-heavyweight division and, when I was 19, I won the Western Counties belt.”  

What made you decide to turn pro?

“I got asked on two or three occasions before I oficially turned pro last year. The first one was when I was just about to turn 18, which I declined; I wanted to get more senior experience. I thought why jump into it to quick? I’d rather get a few years under my belt and more experience fighting bigger guys and adults.

The second time was the same reason, I didn’t think I had enough experience yet. The third time came after the British Challenge belt fight, and I thought I'm at the age now, I'm 21-years-old and I really need to think about what's going to benefit me more in the long run, and the professional ranks were the way forward for me.”

What team do you have around you?

“My main trainer is my dad, Paul Turner, he’s been helping me since day one, really, down in the Warriors Boxing Venue in Torquay, he’s been there from age 10 or 11. I have got a number of coaches who also help me out, such as Carl Robinson at Carl's Boxing Stables in Plymouth. I get good backing from most the clubs on our side of the country, and eveyone as a whole have played a good part towards it.”

Are you full-time as a pro?

“Currently I’m still working, I turned pro last year in May but I had a period out injured from doing different sports, so if boxing was my main income I would have got nothing from it, so I’ve kept up work as well. I’m looking at in the next two or three years after getting more experience and hopefully getting recognised at some point so I can turn full-time with the boxing.”

What sort of fighting style do you have?

“I normally adapt to what my opponent brings in, if they offer more of a brawler style, then I like to keep loose, keep control of the game and keep my punches moving nice and relaxed. If it comes down to a brawl, I can happily have a brawl, but I'd rather to keep it plain and simple.

Also,  if they come in as more of a distance puncher, I know I need to get in close, work the body, and then work up, so I'm happy to adapt.”

What ambitions do you have for your pro career?

“First year, I'm looking to have five or more ring appearances to get the experience, get my name out there and get the support from everyone around me. Hopefully, within two years, I can go for a belt, whether it's regional, area, and then, at some point, national.

That’s my aim, that’s my goals, it depends how it pans out, but that’s how I see my future going, but my main goal is to challenge for British title within three years.

If I can reach that goal I will set a new one and then keep working towards that!”

When is your first fight and who will be there in support?

“My debut is 9th of Febuary at the Guild Hall in Plymouth on the Errol Johnson show. I’ve got all my familly coming down to see my fight, I’ve got all my friends, sponsors and I'm lucky enough to have the support of plenty of people behind me.

Thank you to everyone around me - family, my friends and sponsors.”


At the time of writing, tickets are very limited in supply for the nearly sold out Errol Johnson’s BCB Promotions show this Friday 9th February at the Guildhall in Plymouth.

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