Debut Corner with Sonny Boy Price

Published On Wednesday, October 11, 2017By British Boxing News
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Sheffield's Sonny Boy Price has turned over with JE Promotions after winning seven Yorkshire titles in the amateurs.


The 21-year-old super-lightweight spoke exclusively to BBN about his boxing inspirations, amateur accolade and professional ambitions.

What made you want to start boxing? 

“Watching Naz and Ricky Hatton.”


Who was your boxing hero growing up and why?

“Ricky Hatton because he always put a show on and created an atmosphere with his fan base.”


How old were you when you had your first fight and how did you do?

“11-years-old and I lost by split decision.”


How well did you do in the amateurs?

“Had about 50 bouts training with Grant Smith at Steel City Gym, came out with a 50/50 record and won seven Yorkshire titles.”


What made you decide to turn pro?

“Feel like I’m the right age after boxing in the amateurs for over 10 years.”


What team do you have around you?

“Managed by joe Elfidh and train with Michael White at the Fighting Fit Gym.”


What sort of fighting style do you have?

“I’m an explosive counter-puncher.”


What ambitions do you have for your pro career?

“To win a British title.”


When is your first fight and who will be there in support?

“November 11th at the North Notts Arena in Worksop. There will be lots of friends and family there in support.”


Tell us something that not many people know about you?

“I tell everyone everything!”


For tickets to the debut fight please call: 07477 458 734