Debut Corner with Shaun Ireland

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On May 2nd the whole world will come to a standstill to watch two of this millennium's greatest fighters settle a five year debate which will complete their legacies. On that very same night, a small part of Scarborough will also stand still to watch their boxing hero's debut at Doncaster Dome - Shaun Ireland. We catch up with the 25-year-old lightweight debutant ahead of his debut on a night that will forever be remembered in boxing history, especially for Shaun! Shaun Ireland What made you want to start boxing? “I started boxing because my older brother boxed when he was younger, and hearing his stories made me want to try it. He took me to Westway Boxing Club in Scarborough and I've been there ever since!”   Who was your boxing hero growing up and why? “Paul ingle was a big hero because we are from the same town and seeing him out and about made me want to succeed like him.”   How old were you when you had your first fight and how did you do? “I was 12 years old and won by unanimous decision!”   How well did you do in the amateurs? “As an amateur, I had about 50 bouts and won about 30ish. I was very much in and out of the gym as an amateur and never fully dedicated.”   What made you decide to turn pro? “I turned pro for a fresh start. I want to dedicate myself 100% and see what I can achieve before I'm too old!” Shaun Ireland Fight What sort of fighting style do you have? “I mix my style depending on my opponent.. I like to push forward and create pressure, working to the body, but I'm also pretty good on the back foot, counter-punching.”   What ambitions do you have for your pro career? “I just want to take my pro career one fight at a time. I'm not looking too far forward, just focusing on the fight ahead of me and build up that way.”   When is your first fight and who will be there in support? “My pro debut is on the 2nd May at Doncaster Dome and I've got over 100 Scarborough fans coming through to support me! I can't wait!”   Any message for the fans? “I'd just like to say a massive thank you to everyone making the effort to come through and cheer me on. Really means a lot to me.”   For tickets to the debut fight please call: 07826 064649   TR Shi<div class=

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