Debut Corner with Mwenya Chisanga

Published On Saturday, April 18, 2015By
BBN met up with 21-year-old light-welterweight Mwenya Chisanga from Chichester to discuss his boxing background. Originally a budding actor, the Zambian-born prospect signed with Goodwin Promotions quickly found his calling as a boxer and makes his debut in May on the biggest non-TV show of the year featuring seven title fights in the historic home of boxing, York Hall. Here's what he had to say... Mwenya Chisanga amateur What made you want to start boxing? “I wasn't actually looking to be a boxer, I wanted to be an actor like Jean Claude van Damme so I took some MMA classes then found myself being a better puncher than a kickboxer.” Who was your boxing hero growing up and why? “Jean Claude van Damme and Bruce Lee but when I grew into boxing I loved Floyd Mayweather, Roy Jones Junior and Mike Tyson.”  How old were you when you had your first fight and how did you do? “I had my first kickboxing fight at the age of 18. I had two fights and won them both and then I made a move to amateur boxing. I was 19 in my first fight against an undefeated southpaw but I found my way to victory by KO in the third round.” How well did you do in the amateurs? “It was a short journey but I had good level of opponents who were a lot more experienced than I was but I found my ways to victory I lost three out of nine.” What made you decide to turn pro? “I really wanted to be someone that my family can be proud of and my country Zambia and England. I have a lot of friends that was involved with drugs but I just want show people that there's always a way to make your life better through sports, education, whatever it is you just have to work hard at had it. It's best that you try and fail instead of sitting back and not trying at all.” Mwenya Chisanga sparring What team do you have around you? “I built a team from the bottom, I train at Grit Gym in Chichester. I have a great coach called Jason Mines and I'm surrounded with good people.” What sort of fighting style do you have? “I’m a smart boxer-puncher.” What ambitions do you have for your pro career? “To become a world champion.”  When is your first fight and who will be there in support? “First fight is 16th of May. Family and friends will be there in support.”  Any message for the fans? “May 16th - don't miss it because Mwenya Chisanga is here!” For tickets to the debut fight please call: 07710 564502 Master Class Fight Poster TR Shield Logo [embed][/embed] l