Debut Corner with Jack McCormack

Published On Saturday, November 1, 2014By Tim Rickson

Debut Corner with Nottingham's Jack McCormack

This instalment of Debut Corner places the spotlight on 23-year-old light-welterweight, Jack McCormack from Nottingham.

The happily married family man took time out to speak to BBN about his forthcoming debut fight on December 7th in Coalville, Leicester on the Clifton Mitchell show. 

What made you want to start boxing? "I started boxing at the age of 12 when my Dad took me to the local gym just to try it out. I really enjoyed it but as I was playing football and rugby too I found I didn’t have enough time to do all three. After a year or so I wanted to give it another go whilst I had been side-lined through injury with my football team and started up again at a St George ABC in Hucknall, this time after my first session I knew this was the sport for me and gave up both football and rugby."

Who was your boxing hero growing up and why? "It has to be Ricky Hatton, me and my Dad would watch him religiously. His all action, fan friendly style, his fan base and the ‘buzz’ around his fight’s was and will always be something very special in British boxing. Not to mention how humble and ‘normal’ he is and stayed even after beating Tsyzu and the big Vegas fights."

How old was you when you had your first fight and how did it go? "I had my first fight when I was 16 in Boston, Lincs. Even though I had been boxing by this time for around 3 years my amateur trainer Paul Singleton wanted to hold me back and progressed me at a steady pace before he put me in the ring. My first fight was at light-middleweight and I won it via a unanimous decision."

How well did you do in the amateurs? "My amateur career spanned over 6 years but I boxed only 7 times, winning 5 of those bouts. I won the Notts, Lincs and Derbys Novice Welterweight title after 5 bouts and went on to fight in the Midlands semi-final. Even though I had only little amateur experience my coach had taken me to Carl Greaves boxing gym early on where I trained alongside the likes of Andrew Lowe, Amir Unsworth and Shane McPhilbin so I picked up a lot of knowledge through that and it was a massive eye opener to the boxing world. Especially after seeing the rigorous training they were doing and hearing about the diet plans and sacrifices they had to make."

What made you decide to turn pro? "For me, that was where I always dreamed of going when I started out. I never had dreams or aspirations of fighting in the Olympics or representing the country but always wanted to be a professional fighter. I had a few setbacks with injuries and my coach passing away which took me away from the sport for a short period of time but thought I didn’t want to look back and say what if. I hooked back up with a few old gym mates and toyed with the idea of the pros but thought I’d better get back in there first. They were now into the unlicensed boxing and spoke about getting a few fights to just see where it goes and how I got on. After having 7 fights in 10 months and winning 6 of them I knew it was a good time to make the transition." W

hat team do you have around you? "I think I’ve got the best team in the world around me, I’ve got Scott Calow managing me, Scott and Shane McPhilbin working closely with me, developing my technical skills, as well as a Richard Ashley working on the strength and conditioning side of things and breaking me in the gym. Then I have my wife Coral at home who keeps me on the straight and narrow when it comes to my diet and rest. Perfect combination in my opinion."

What sort of fighting style do you have? "I hear it all the time but I think with me it really is true, that I am much more suited to the pro game, I like to be in close and break my opponent down. But, at the same time since turning pro we’re working on so many different aspects that I can adjust and change to however and whatever needs to be done to get the job done."

What ambitions do you have in your pro career? "Well I think the same as so many fighters it’s got to be the Lonsdale belt. I’d love to win that and think it would be great accomplishment especially with how the light-welterweight division seems to be going with lots of good fighters in amongst it. Short term I’d like to pick up an Area title and long term, why not a world?"

When is your first fight and who will be there to support? "My first fight is on December 7th in Coalville, Leicester on the Clifton Mitchell show. I'm hoping everyone will be there who can make it but obviously my wife who has never missed any of my fights will be front row alongside my old man, mum and brother."

Any messages for the fans? "If you haven’t seen me before come and have a look, I just want to bring excitement and entertainment to the ring and I will always wear my heart on my sleeve and give 110%. If you have seen me thank you for your support and look forward to many good nights ahead!"

For tickets call my manager Scott Calow on 07876 641055 or Shane McPhilbin on 07450 071666