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Debut Corner with Jack Ewbank

Published On Friday, August 17, 2018By Jack Jacobs
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Jack Ewbank talks to Jack Jacobs in the latest issue of Debut Corner

Jack Jacobs of BBN met up with the South East’s brand-new pro boxer Jack Dempsey Ewbank.

The welterweight from Ashford may be at the beginning of his professional boxing journey but his relationship with the blood sport is rich and extensive, and spreads across three continents.

The Kent puncher revealed all exclusively to Jack Jacobs:

What made you want to start boxing and how has your boxing journey led you up to this point?

"So, I started boxing following a lot of influence from my uncle, Peter Ewbank, I looked up to him growing up, he lived in the states and he sent me over my first ever pair of boxing gloves.

When I was 6 or 7 we flew over to see him and he was training at Ed Couzen’s Gym in California, I went in there and it was a real rough gym I remember the first time I walked in, Tommy Hearns was in there. Ed was 90 at the time so he had been around and knew all the world champions and to be in his presence was, even at that age, captivating and from when my uncle came back from LA ten years on he enthused me with boxing again.

I lived with my nan growing up and her twin brother was a fighter as well, so it’s been in the blood, I suppose, and by giving me a name like mine, it was always going to be!

I went over to Australia when I was 21, stayed until I was 24 and I learnt a lot out there, I completely changed my style, I was a real come forward fighter in the gym and in Australia I realised I had a totally different dynamic, I was training with this old Italian man called Mario Demarco, I think he had 30 as a pro on a few different names. He taught me so much, he saw a natural ability and he gave me a whole new natural flow which I later worked on in the gym with Ben Savva, the WBC Asia Continental champion, who also taught me a lot.

So, you could say I really started when I was 24, I had been in the gym training and sparring but not actively fighting."

How old were you when you had your first fight and how did you do?

"So, I had my first fights when I was 14; I had two, and I lost them both, I remember not even throwing a punch! I felt great in the gym but couldn’t get my head around it when it came to fighting."

How well did you do in the amateurs?

"Well I went in the novices, had 6 fights, went to the National final at the York Hall and lost on a very close split decision, that was a good season from coming straight back.

During the following year in the National Championships, lost in the semi-final on a split decision again. I went and had a few more fights won the silver at the Haringey Box Cup, fought on all three days and lost on a split decision again.

So, in total 19 and lost 5 on split decisions."

Who was your boxing hero growing up and why?

"Always, growing up, it was Joe Calzaghe, for me! I used to watch all his fights, from the beginning of his career to the end. His heart in the ring was inspirational, for me."

What made you decide to turn pro?

"Well, I’m 27 now so, it’s now or never for me, I have the hunger and the drive so it’s just a combination of timing and I feel strong mentally and in my ability. 

At the gym now I train with Martin McDonagh, Neil Parry and Bradley Haxell - three fighters who have recently turned over so it was all lining up in the gym for me, and with MTK’s offer, I couldn’t say no. There’s such a good vibe, hungry fighters and a lot of momentum behind it!"

What team do you have around you?

"At the moment I’m training at Rumble's Boxing Academy in Sittingbourne, my trainer is Billy Rumble and the guys in the gym include Martin, Neil and Bradley so we are all pushing each other to do well it’s a great atmosphere!"

Are you full-time as a pro?

"I did have a plumbing business but I have put that on the back burner and now so I can put in the time and effort in the gym, I have also started doing a bit of personal training, pad work etc. to keep me in a fitness environment."

What sort of fighting style do you have?

"It’s hard to describe exactly but I would say I have quite an elusive style, I have good head movement, I slip punches and hit back, I’m very much a counter-puncher but I can come forward when needs be. I like moving, rolling with the punches, being elusive, but I’ve got what it takes to go to war as well."

What ambitions do you have for your pro career?

"I would love to get to a good British level, I want to see how I adapt to the pro game, take each fight as it comes, so I’m not going to overtalk myself but I would love to get to a good British level, for sure.

I would like to get my debut and one other fight in before the end of the year and then, in 2019, I would like to get about six fights in."

When is your first fight and who will be there in support?

"My first fight is on the 21st of September on the MTK show at the Brentwood Centre in Essex, I’m hoping to sell a lot of tickets so, fingers crossed, I will have a big support of friends and family!

I would like to thank the guys at Leading Results Fitness gym in Ashford and Leanne at Body Fix Kent."

Jack features on the MTK show at the Brentwood Centre in Essex on September 21. Be sure to follow Jack on Instagram @jack.dempsey.ewbank and message for tickets!