Debut Corner with Aggie Barbier

Debut Corner with Aggie Barbier

Published On Sunday, February 9, 2020By Tim Rickson

Debutant Aggie Barbier speaks exclusively to BBN

Super-bantamweight Aggie Barbier has just signed contracts with Steve Goodwin with aims to debut in September.

The French national, now living in London, trains with Rowan Katzew and will be guided by manager Steve Goodwin as she aims to follow in the footsteps of history-making female world champion Katie Taylor and Clarissa Shields.

Here's what the 33-year-old talented fighter had to say:


What made you want to start boxing?

“I remember play fighting and wrestling being a daily occurrence as a kid, I have two big brothers so I feel like I had to learn to strike back pretty early on! I did a bit of Tae Kwon Do in my early teens but dropped out after a year. I discovered boxing at University, I thought it would be a good way to focus my energy and lose a few pounds, I never thought it would fall for the discipline as much as did!”


Who was your boxing hero growing up and why?

“My parents weren’t sports fans at all and they thought boxing was too violent a sport to let us watch it, we also weren’t allowed to watch much TV. I just remember people talking about Ali and Tyson but it’s not until I was 18 or 19 that I started watching old/classic boxing fights. I would say Mike Tyson is one of my inspiration in terms of style, movement and explosiveness. I find it fascinating to watch a heavyweight move so fast and move his heads with such ease. As a woman I must say Katie Taylor and Clarissa Shields have been great role models. They are paving the way for female boxing, showing everyone that women are as entertaining to watch as men are. ”


How old were you when you had your first fight and how did you do?

“I had my first fight at 18, it was a small interclub bout against a girl who was 10 years my senior. I won by decision. It was an incredible experience but I remember being so tired at the end of the first round I didn’t think I’d be able to go for the second one!”


How well did you do in the amateurs?

“Queensbury boxing isn’t really popular in France, what we call boxing is ‘Savate’ which is similar to kickboxing, as a result my coaches really struggled to find me good matches and I ended up boxing some of the same girls a couple of times. I still really enjoyed it though, I had nine bouts and won seven of them. ”


What made you decide to turn pro?

“My career as an amateur stopped when I left France in 2008. I lived in Canada, Australia and then moved to London in 2011. I only went back to boxing in 2018 to get my fitness back up but then got (happily) roped into fighting for charity at a White Collar event. I met my coach Rowan Katzew during the fight camp and his approach to boxing just blew my mind. I learnt so much from him and got completely hooked from then on. We have the same work ethic and passion and we’ve worked incredibly hard together since the day we’ve met, pretty much. My fighting style is more suited to professional boxing than to the amateurs so it was just the next logical progression to us. Boxing is everything to me, it’s the first thing on my mind when I wake up and the last thing on my mind when I go to sleep. I couldn’t imagine my life without it and I feel incredibly privileged to be given a chance to showcase my skills in the pro ranks.”


What team do you have around you?

“My coach Rowan Katzew and my strength and conditioning coach Sunni Torgman.”


Are you full-time as a pro?

“I’m a freelance video editor but I’m hoping to switch to full time as a pro within a few months.”


What sort of fighting style do you have?



What ambitions do you have for your pro career?

“I’m hoping for a shot at World Title within 3 years”


When is your first fight and who will be there in support?

“My first fight will be in September and I am expecting a lot of support! My family is coming over from France, I have a lot friends in London, France and Ireland, I’m really excited to show everyone what I’m capable of, I’m working hard every single day and I can promise I won’t disappoint! ”


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