Debut Corner with Adrian Martin

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This installation of Debut Corner can not get any hotter off the press as we talk to debutant, Adrian Martin after signing pro contracts with top promotional outfit, Goodwin Promotions today! The 23-year-old likeable Essex lad makes his pro bow on December 5th at London's York Hall and here's what he had to say... What made you want to start boxing? “I was also an active kid and did a ton of different sports from rowing to ice hockey but I always really enjoyed the rougher sports like judo and rugby. My granddad gave me a boxing set when I was four-years-old and I played with that a lot, and my dad used to let me spar the neighbours until their parents stopped it! My dad put me in a boxing club when I was 11 but I only stuck it out for a month because the training was brutal, I could handle a medicine ball being thrown on my stomach but at 11, I didn’t even have abs! I love the Rocky films and they sparked a lot of interest and watching the pro’s with my dad, him showing me the Ali fights, watching the Olympic boxing and seeing Khan and DeGale win their medals always put the thought of starting boxing in my mind and at 17 I decided to start. I was one of the smallest in my year at that point and wanted to toughen up and went down to Chelmsford ABC after college one day and stuck at it ever since." Adrian Martin 4   Who was your boxing hero growing up and why? “Muhammad Ali, he is simply the greatest. What he achieved in boxing is amazing, but it’s what he did outside that makes him my hero, the way he stood for the things he believed him shows his strength of character, not just in the ring. He is a brave man and for me, someone who likes to talk a lot, I can only admire the way he used create these speeches off the top of his head,  'I wrestled with an alligator, tussled with a whale, I done handcuffed lightening, thrown thunder in jail. Genius!”   How old were you when you had your first fight and how did you do? “I was 18, I boxed in Lowestoft at Pontins and I won comfortably just boxing behind my jab; it was the best feeling I’ve had and from then on, I was hooked!”   How well did you do in the amateurs? “I’ve never been stopped or put down! In all seriousness, I didn’t do too badly, just under half and half but the amateurs didn’t work out in the way that I would have liked. I had 28 fights and won the British University Championships in 2012, have boxed in the Haringey Box Cup, and in the Senior ABA's. I never took an easy bout, everyone I boxed had more experience and winning records.” Adrian Martin and George Groves What made you decide to turn pro? “Being a pro boxer had been the dream ever since I started although I think it took me a year of training as an amateur to even know what the ABA’s were, I had no idea that you wore headgear and vests. This year was just the perfect time. I’m 23 and my parents are supporting me and letting me live at home, I’m getting fitter and stronger every day and after my coach being removed from the amateurs and not being able to box all of last season because of my club at the time wasn’t affiliated, everything was pointing towards turning pro.”   What team do you have around you? “I have all of Team Goodwin around with Steve as my manager and promoter, my coach is Joe Taylor who coached me as an amateur, and S&C and rehabilitation expert, Harry McQueen.”   What sort of fighting style do you have? “I am a boxer, I like to time a good counter coming forwards or going backwards, I like to dictate behind a stiff jab and from time to time I’ll have Carl Froch moment!”   What ambitions do you have for your pro career? “At the moment, my first aim is to get through my first few fights and build up a good following, let everyone see who I am and what I can do. That should put me in a position where I can start contesting for titles. When I get there, then I’ll be hunting to become number 1. I’m going to take each fight as it comes and give the fans a show worth coming to see again.” When is your first fight and who will be there in support? “My first fight is set to be on December the 5th 2015 at the York Hall in Bethnal Green on a Goodwin Promotions show. This is said to be a huge event and I hope that all of my friends and family, as well friends from the amateurs circuit, will come and support.”   Any message for the fans? “There will be people that will always try to bring you down when you’re feeling your best, to ruin what you are building so just keep to what you do, block out the negative people and remove yourself from these negative environments, then you can achieve what you set out to do. Please come and support and follow the dream.”   For tickets to the debut fight please call: 07568 359 651

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