Deano's Jibba Jab: The Gypsy King of the World!

Published On Monday, November 30, 2015By
Welcome to the popular weekly column provided by unbeaten middleweight boxer, Dean Gillen from Nottingham. The firefighter-come-boxer discusses all of the hot topics in the sport of boxing.  

The Gypsy King of the World!

British boxing is back on top in a BIG way!
After completely dismantling the dominant Klitschko, our shores are now blessed to have the heavyweight champion of the WORLD - Tyson 'Too Fast' Fury bringing the WBA, IBF, The Ring, WBO, and IBO belts home!
Fury was not only too fast, he was simply too classy for Klitschko. After a brilliant boxing display, Tyson took to taunting the titleholder, leaving Wladimir mesmerised by his movement. The Mancunian audaciously announced pre-fight that it would be an easy win and it really was!
The fight panned out that way thanks to top trainer, Peter Fury plotting the perfect plan, with Tyson executing the selected strategy with pugilistic perfection.
Sadly, the vast majority of Britain blanked Tyson in favour of Wladimir. This was the obvious choice, but when you look at their strengths and weaknesses, a win for the Brit makes sense!
I backed the 27-year-old, because I envisioned the fight through the same eyes as Peter Fury. Klitschko has a predictably robotic style and Tyson is anything but predictable.
Fury's size, speed and movement proved to be Klitschko's kryptonite, causing him to become slower and more mechanical than ever. I actually thought the Klitschko corner were going to break out some WD40 inbetween rounds!
The Klitschko camp were well aware of Fury's fast feet. So much so, that the canvas became extra spongy in the hope of soaking up his speed! It was stated that Klitschko had been training on a spongy canvas that felt like walking on a beach according to promoter Mick Hennessy. This could have been tactical to gain an advantage over Fury's speed. If this was true, it can only be described as underhand.
However, during the fight Wladimir seemed to carry a joint injury on his right leg, or maybe his hip or knee. I think the extra covering may have been to soften the impact on an ageing 39-year-old's joints!?  It's common knowledge that Wlad can't complete his roadwork these days, opting for lighter impact cardio such as swimming and cycling.
Let's not pretend that Wladimir lost due to not taking Tyson seriously, he hasn't remained unbeaten in over a decade without being a consummate professional. Fury deserves full credit!
I scored the fight more in line with the one judge from California scoring it at 116-111, and that's being generous to the ex-champ. In all honesty, I wasn't expecting Fury to stop Wlad, or if he did, then it would have been down to a cut.
I predicted this and that almost came to fruition too, Klitschko did get cut up by Tyson's chopping punches that came from all kinds of angles, landing often!
At last, the heavyweight scene has been well and truly shaken up by this colourful character and is now wide open for exciting fights with the likes of American KO king, Deontay Wilder, Olympic gold medallist, Anthony Joshua and now the return of 'The Haymaker' David Haye.
Despite some of the media managing to be negative in this celebratory, historic occasion, Britain should be bursting with pride, we have a top champion in Tyson Fury and should get behind our man!