Deano's Jibba Jab - "I'm so excited that AJ is set to face his arch-rival - Dillian Whyte"

Published On Monday, July 13, 2015By
Introducing the fifth instalment of the popular weekly column provided by unbeaten middleweight boxer from Nottingham, Dean Gillen. The firefighter-come-boxer discusses this week’s hot topic in the sport of boxing: After last weeks post, "Will Gary Cornish provide a good test for AJ?" there has been some exciting developments - Big Eddie must have read my last post and saw the light! I'm so excited about the news that AJ is set to face his arch-rival, Dillian Whyte! These two giants already have history and, to add fuel to the fire, AJ is a North Londoner with Dillian Whyte being his South London nemesis, the North-South divide will only amplify the atmosphere like a heated derby day football fixture like The Gunners v Spurs!
Now, this fight really gets the boxing juices flowing. You want to see a great British dust-up? Then this is it, it's a fight for the boxing fan and a real test for the big man, in more ways than one. There's genuine beef between these two raging bulls, which reportedly stems from a Klitschko training camp where Joshua allegedly ducked sparring with Whyte. Knowing this, the build up alone will test AJ's temperament and mental toughness. Psychology plays a key role, the mind controls the body and Joshua will need to be in complete control of his big guns in order to be firing from all cylinders!
If that's not enough, Whyte has already beaten Joshua, yes, I said 'BEATEN' Joshua! Albeit, in the amateurs, but Whyte convincingly beat Big AJ, even dropping him twice! Joshua wasn't quite the beast back then, that he is now, but he was still 4-0 in the amateurs having beaten all of his previous opponents by KO and it was only six years ago in 2009 - that's still relatively recent in my book.
In their amateur meeting, Whyte wasn't deterred by his rival's perfect record and fearlessly took the fight to Joshua. Knowing this, Whyte will have genuine confidence going into their rematch which is unlike any opponent Joshua has faced. I believe that Whyte will begin as the aggressor which we have barely seen from anyone that Joshua has been in with yet, and therefore, Whyte could have the psychological edge going into this showdown.
I'm sure you're reading this thinking, "Deano, quit your jibba jabba fool!" Don't believe me? See for yourself...
Now you will realise that this fight is the real deal, no gimmicks or pantomime, just two genuine heavyweight hopes putting it all on the line with the added heat of bad blood, local rivalry, heavyweight pride and that prestigious Lonsdale belt on the line!
I am seriously excited about this fight and I'm a big fan of both boxers! I like Joshua as he's a man mountain, with a body Greek gods would envy, plus he hits like a lighting bolt from Zeus' thunderbolt!
Dillian has my full respect, he fears no foe and rightly so. He was forged from granite and is as tough as they come! He hits hard and fast, and has also been steamrolling his way through the heavyweight division.
Both have stepped up somewhat to make a bit of a statement lately but we, as boxing fans, still don't believe that they have been tested fully and this fight will provide that examination for us.
AJ made a bold statement by knocking out 'The Kingpin' Kevin Johnson who had previously never been stopped in 36 bouts even against the likes of 'Dr. Ironfist' Vitali Klitschko who went the full twelve rounds together in December 2009. However, Johnson had lost five of his last six fights going into the contest and one could argue that his time was coming.
Dillian 'The Villain's' toughest test so far came in the form of WBO Latino heavyweight champion, Marcelo Luiz Nascimento. The Brazilian has a decent record and high level of experience having shared the ring with the likes of Tyson Fury and Manuel Charr. Whyte had him over in the opening round and twice more in the second finishing him a lot quicker than his aforementioned conquerors - Fury only ended matters in the fifth and Charr in the eighth.
This may not sound as impressive as his rival's feats to date but Whyte has impressed us all by knocking out all five of his opponents in just three months between November last year and February this year, making up for lost time following a two year ban for illegal substances.
Could this fight turn into a scene from Cluedo? Suspect: Mr. Whyte. Weapon: Overhand right. Room: The O2 Arena - who knows?
Normally when Big AJ fights, it's not a case of 'if' but more of 'when' he will win. All I know is that this fight is the first time that AJ steps into the ring with an opponent where it is not already a fore-gone conclusion and definitely one not to be missed!
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