Deano's Jibba Jab: Haye's May Day

Published On Monday, February 1, 2016By
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Haye's May Day
With the Hayemaker making a dramatic return to the ring with a concussive KO of Mark de Mori, the British and World heavyweight scene has some sensational fights in store.
This week's 'Jibber Jabber' is dedicated to deciphering where David's next Hayemaker will land, we know it will be in May at the O2 Arena, but against who?
There's been a few murmurings on the boxing grapevine but nothing confirmed. David Haye is a world-class boxer and has the beating of many of the top heavyweights out there despite his advanced age and lack of activity.
Having said that, Haye is taking a more proactive role in his management lately and is a very astute businessman. With this in mind, Haye will take the World title path that offers least resistance yet reaps maximum reward! The big fights will come when the Hayemaker is in position!
Haye needs to climb his way up the rankings as he's currently only placed in the top 10 with the WBA organisation and sitting at 47th in the world rankings on statistics website - Boxrec.
So here's a few recognisable names that I think tick a lot of boxes for the Hayemaker that will help leapfrog him back to the top.

Dillian Whyte 16(13)-1(1)-0
Having recently suffered his first professional loss to bitter rival, Anthony Joshua, this makes a fascinating fight, purely for comparison, to see how Haye fares against AJ's foe.
It will also make financial sense for Haye, as it will build a prospective showdown with Joshua and with comparative bragging rights at stake it would capture the imagination of the paying public.
There's little benefit to Haye's ranking here though and with Whyte proving his worth against AJ, I think Haye will sidestep this one!

Joseph Parker 18(16)-0-0
This young gun is a hot prospect who's highly-ranked with all of the four governing bodies. He just misses out of the top-10 world rankings on Boxrec sitting at 11th place.
The 24-year-old Las Vegas resident, aged just 24, is young and fresh but hasn't faced anyone of Haye's calibre. It would be great timing for Haye to get him while he's still inexperienced at the top level and would certainly boost Haye's ranking but it's risky when the opponent's ability is still untested as it's unknown territory for both to contend with.
In any case, it won't happen in May as he's scheduled to fight in April! One to watch though!

Bermaine Stiverne 25(21)-2(1)-1
The former WBC World champ came up  short against Deontay Wilder, losing by the widest of points margins but became the first and only heavyweight to take The Bronze Bomber to the final bell.
This would be another good leveller for Haye and possibly the best option for ranking as Stiverne is positioned highly with the WBC and IBF, and sits in the 12th spot on Boxrec.
This is definitely a winnable fight for Haye that would go quite a few rounds, and one that would see him break into two more governing bodies' rankings.
Stiverne offers a stern test, he's tough as nails and can take a shot! One I think Haye will wisely pass on at this stage!

Artur Szpilka 20(15)-2(2)-0
Szpilka is a perfect option for Haye. He's highly-ranked with three governing bodies - 6th WBC, 6th IBF and 12th WBO - and is ranked nearly 20 places above Haye on Boxrec's world rankings.
He's coming in off the back of a loss after facing Wilder for the WBC strap, so a win for Haye could feasibly put him in contention to face Wilder. He's speedy, awkward with that southpaw stance and the hands held low, and very exciting to watch. He had a good go at Wilder and caused him problems until the brutal ending in the ninth round.
Haye has targeted unsuccessful title contenders in the past which proved to be a prudent move.

Shannon Briggs 59(52)6(2)-1
Considering Haye handpicked Mark de Mori who was highly-ranked with the WBA, it's sensible to assume Haye is opting for this world title route.
Therefore, Briggs is the perfect opponent for Haye as he's up there with the WBA, sitting in 4th place!
It can be sold as a legitimate fight with Shannon Briggs being a seasoned and experienced veteran, most noted for beating Geoge Foreman into retirement for the final time.
However, stylistically it's an 'easy' fight for Haye and he will realise this as Briggs is ageing at 44 but still has the confidence and brashness, constantly seen calling out Klitschko still. Haye's speed and accuracy will be too much for the Brooklyn Cannon and I can genuinely see Haye perusing this option as it makes sense, watch this space!

Clearly, as an avid boxing fan, I would love to see some great British dust ups with any variation of the likes of Haye, Joshua, Price, Whyte and Fury.
We've already enjoyed the all British showdown between Whyte and Joshua, which certainly didn't disappoint. It did, however, have to build up for a while before being made, but great fights are like a good cup of tea, you have to let them brew!