Dave Allen vs David Price results report

David Price displays impressive skills to stop Dave Allen

Published On Sunday, July 21, 2019By Daniel Smith

David Price answered critics with polished performance against Dave Allen

BBN writer Daniel Smith was hugely impressed with Pricey last night:

At London's O2, David Price (25-5, 20 KOs) impressively fenced his way through the rounds, picking-off Dave Allen (17-5-2, 14 KOs) with hard, solid, stiff, thudding jabs.

Neat one-two's banged and crashed into the White Rhino's face while he searched for smashing uppercuts and massive 'ale-house' overhand rights, trying to find that sweet vulnerable spot of his man, "Big Pricey". However, tonight's work was to no avail, as the Liverpudlian boxed intelligently and thoroughly; landing cleanly, sturdily and frequently.

Confidence exuberated from Price as the rounds ticked by, tagging Allen with heavy hooks to the face and body, softening up and tenderising the Yorkshireman before a vicious finish.

Allen was bruised, bloodied and banged-up, however, his demena suggested, that as long as he grit his teeth and bulled forward, sooner or later, he'd catch the former British champion.

Shots blasted and burst onto Price's guard from Dave Allen, but if he wanted to catch Pricey with something tonight, he should've thrown a handful of rice at him instead.

Price dictated how things went throughout the early rounds, utilising his jab extremely well and preventing Allen from landing any significant shots.

The hard-hitting Liverpudlian continued to boss proceedings as the fight went on, proving any doubters wrong who believed he would tire as the bout entered the second half. Instead, he took the 'fight' out of the durable Allen.

And in the 10th round, Darren Barker pulled his lad from the fight, after a thoroughly one-sided performance, handing Price an extremely commanding victory.

It continues Price’s good run of form as of late, having now picked up wins over Tom Little, Kash Ali and Allen in the past seven months. 

A massive and well-deserved victory for David Price.

Nice one Pricey.

What next for David Price?