All the results from Dubois vs Joyce as it happens right here

BBN are reporting live on Dubois vs Joyce this Saturday night on BT Sport 1 HD from 7.30pm.

The unbeaten powerhouses are battling it out for five titles - the British, European, Commonwealth, WBC Silver and WBO International heavyweight belts. Both boxers are unbeaten with high KO counts, and each are ambitious and hungry to win what is the most eagerly anticipated British heavyweight battle since Anthony Joshua vs Dillian Whyte five years ago.

Don't miss a single moment of action as we report round by round right here:


Fight #1 - 7:30pm

Mitchell Barton vs Matt Gordon

Heavyweight debutant Mitchell Barton opened the show early against  36-year-old Matt Gordon (2-3-1) from West Brom to win 40-36 on points.


Fight #2

Joshua Frankham vs MJ Hall

21-year-old super-welterweight talent Joshua Frankham (1-0) won his second professional fight with a shutout points victory over four rounds against West Midlander Matt Hall (2-56-2).


Fight #3

Louie Lynn vs Paul Holt

Unbeaten 'Loco' Louie Lynn (7-0, 6KOs), 25 from Banstead, scored a seventh round knockout over Birmingham's Paul Holt (7-8, 2KOs) to move up to 8-0.


Fight #4 - 7:30pm LIVE on BT Sport

Jack Massey vs Mohammad Ali Bayat

British cruiserweight title contender Jack Massey (16-1, 8KOs) opens the show on BT Sport live against Mohammad Ali Bayat (16-1-1, 16KOs), 31 from Dubai. Managed by Sam Kynoch, the Iranian is once beaten, just like Jack, but has knocked out all of his victims so far.

It was an interesting opening round, but certainly not exciting. Neither fighter threw many shots, the exchanges were minimal, so not much of an indication for fght fans as to who could win this opening contest. Ali loaded up a lot on his shots, but Massey was keeping him at bay despite being on the backfoot.

Ali looking to land his counter left hook in the second. One minute into the round and 'One Smack' landed a quick, strong straight right on Ali. Bayat continued to come forward, but was mysteriously bleeding from the top of his head, but clearly must have come from a clash of heads at some point.

Jack Massey is winning the rounds comfortably bu flicking out his jab while Bayat is desperately trying to close the gap and land heavily. Frustratingly for him, the 27-year-old from Chapel-en-le-Firth was moving well, adjusting his feet to continually provide a moving target.

In round four, Massey was varying his shots more by landing to the body. He landed a nice one-two with a minute to go, Bayat looked to be bleeding from the nose as well now. Massey's jab was sharp and it was the most used punch of the fight. Bayat did manage to sink in a coupe of body shots when Massey lapsed in concentration and lingered on the ropes.

Massey scored another great right hand at one minute into the sixth round. Bayat was still there, still dangerous and tagged Massey with a strong right hand that followed two earlier jabs. Massey leading on the scorecards, so the last two rounds should be interesting as the Iranian need a knockout desperately.

Again, Massey held his feet and got caught on the ropes for too long and was given a right hook to his left chin as punishment. The pair finished the round exchanging blows, but the bell sounded and brought the brief excitement to an end.

In the penultimate round, Massey rocked Bayat's head to the side with a lovely left hook to the chin midway through. There were a couple of clinches in this round, whereas there hadn't been hardly any at all up to this point.

The final round begun fast and furious, with Bayat storming forward but Massey landing and moving away. The foreigner was unable to get his shots off cleanly, as Massey moved his feet or smothered his opponent's work when in close. Bayat was swinging desperately and missing wildly. Massey looked marked up on his let eye, but he managed to box clever to the bell to win the fight handily on points.

He said he wanted to make a statement in this fight but there wasn't much of a show to be seen there. It was a very tame, quite uneventful fight to open the show with.

Victor Loughlin scored the eight-round contest at 79-74. Post-fight, pundit David Haye said that neither boxer forced the pace, and Carl Frampton question Massey's fitness as he looked quite puffed out towards the end of the bout.


Fight #5

David Adeleye vs Danny Whitaker

Trained by Frank Greaves, David Adeleye (3-0, 3KOs) enters into his first -six-rounder against out of shape Danny Whitaker (4-1).

The 24-year-old from Ladbroke Grove was tentatively but methodically trying to work out his foe. If history persists, then Adeleye will be due to score a fourth-round knockout, having had a TKO1 in his first fight, a TKO2 in his second and TKO3 in his third... can you see the pattern yet?! However, Gordon was caught square and floored with two right hands in the second half of the round. He got back up but an uppercut caused further pain and he was down again, then confusion arose as Adeleye hit Whitaker a final time while he was already on his knee and the victor was given a talking to. When the referee returned to Whitaker, he wasn't in any state to continue. The official time of the second round stoppage was 2:09.


Fight #6

Jack Catterall vs Abderrazak Houya

Southpaw Catterall (25-0, 13KOs) took charge of the conrest right from the off and looked sharp and spiteful but his unknown opponent, Abderrazak Houya (14-2, 2KOs) was competitive throughout.

There was a nice combo for Catterall to end round three with, making it three out of three so far for the WBO #1.

There was a big clash of heads to open the fourth round with, Catterall coming off worse with a cut above the left eye. 'El Gato' kept landing good shots but Houya seemed enthused by the injury. Ot was a better, livelier round with both fighters encouraged to go forth. There was a respectful touch of gloves on the bell from the two boxers, which was nice to see.

Richie Woodhall scored the fourth against Catterall, but the unbeaten Chorley combatant rallied back in the fifth.

In the sixth stanza, Catterall landed a terrific left hand to floor the reigning African Boxing Union super-lightweight champion, who regained his footing groggily and survived the round. Houya was caught off balance coming out of an exchange and was takend from his feet in the blink of an eye. He looked hurt from the punch.

The Lancashire fighter was hunting the Frenchamn down in the seventh as the fight was no longer as competitive following the dramatic events that unfolded in the previous round.

Trainer Jamie Moore instructed his man to look for the short right hands, but it was another uneventful, tame round, clocked up on the scorecards once more to Catterall.

The fatigued Frenchman was down again the ninth round. It was a looping left hand that travelled a long way toland on the chin of the Tunisian-born fighter. Once again, Catterall couldn't finish him off.

Catterall and his corner will be pleased with those 10 rounds under the belt for the man trying to force a world title shot, but might need a bit of a test before that happens.

After 10-rounds Victor Loughlin scores the contest 99-90 to Catterall, who moves up to 26-0. Carl Frampton said his teammate was scratching the surface of what he could really do in there, saying it was a good performance but could be so much better.


Fight #7

Hamzah Sheeraz vs Guido Nicolas Pitto

Good opening round for Ilford's Hamzah Sheeraz (11-0, 7KOs), who sunk in a lovely left body shot in the opener to Argentinian Guido Nicolas Pitto (26-7-2, 8KOs), who visibly grimaced.

It's the 21-year-old's third winning opponent in a row as he defends his WBO European super-welterweight title or the second time here. So far, so good, Sheeras looking very comfortable by the end of the third segment, scoring shots from all different angles. Ho looked supremely confident by the end of the third. His last five fights had ended early so fight fans were watching intently hoping for another KO.

'Chico' was throwing shots but not much getting through as Sheeraz countered quickly. Standing at 6ft 1" tall, Sheeraz was keeping Pitto at bay, but the South American was still there.

Sheeraz's trainer Will Jones was assisted by Kevin Mitchell in the corner. In the opposing corner, Pitto was looking very marked up and fatigued by the end of round six.

Round seven was fought in close quarters as Sheeraz looked to counter Pitto's shots, which had a distinct lack of power to them. Pitto hadn't scored a stoppage since 2014.

In round eight, it felt like Sheeraz could go up in the gears to do some real damage but was content to bag the rounds instead.

It's likely that Pitto's workrate has won him a round or two on the cards, but this will surely be a wide points win for the Brit.

The ninth round ended with spectators again wishing that there would be a bit more of a move up in gears to make the fight more interesting, but just like Catterall in the preceding fight, Sheeraz was also satisfied to just bag the rounds instead of forcing a stoppage.

A big shot landed in the final round and unbeaten Sheeraz went in close for the kill and stopped his man just a few moments into the final round, with Kevin Mitchell urging him on behind the ropes. It was a big right hand that rocked the game opponent then another identical shot landed straight after and the referee jumped in quickly at 1:11 of the last round.

Sheeraz moves up to 12-0 with the patient, calculated win.


Fight #8

Daniel Dubois vs Joe Joyce

Joyce won the opening round with his persistant left jab pawing at Dubois constantly, who wasn't able to establish his own jab or really get going. Joyce looked like he could make this fight awkward for Dubois.

Dubois came out livelier in the second stanza. 'DDD' upping the pace but 'JJJ' remained composed to keep sticking out his accurate jab, but that was likely one apiece as we go into the third.

Dubois introduced his power in the third with a couple of big shots to start off with. Joyce's exact jabs still landing though. Another good round for Dubois landing a neat one-two with 20 seconds to go, and does Joyce's left eye look a little marked up here?

Dubois has the better punch variety mixing it from body to head, with uppercuts too. Joyce is just persistently throwing his jab which is landing efficiently, his accuracy is astounding and he is the marking the face of his foe more and more as the fight wears on.

Dubois appeared to box more intelligent in the fifth round and had Joyce backpeddling as he tried to increase his workrate and volume of punches. Martin Bowers was really encouraging Dubois to go forward in the corner.

'DDD' was trying to land his big right hand in the sixth. Joyce forced to hold on midway through the round. Patience from Joyce, aggression from Dubois, but at halfway through the contest, it's completely even and all to play for.

Joyce walked onto one right at the start of the seventh stanza and Dubois followed up with a flurry, but unlike his other opponents, Joyce was teak-tough and withheld. It was a dramatic round, which started so brightly, but the pair are both landing theor shots and it's so close to call!

Richie Woodhall from ringside is scoring it 68-66 to Dubois by this point before the eighth round.

Good round for Joyce, who's jab keeps closing up Dubois' left eye. In the closing seconds, Dubois lands a cracking right hand, but the higher effectiveness came from Joyce, who keeps landing that awkward jab. Daniel's left eye looks almost completely closed.

The pair are so closely matched that neither are gambling a lot with their shots, so there's very little combinations or variety of punches. Every rounnd is so hard to judge. Richie Woodhall's scorecard is now completely even at 86-86.

Dubois takes a knee 36 seconds into the 10th round and he doesn't want any more and it's all over!

Joe Joyce wins the fight with his persistent jab, which was poetically the offending punch that ended the contest.

Joyce said he was ready for Usyk in the post-fight interview.


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