Lenny Fuller vs Berman Sanchez

Clean sweep for Boxing Connected at 'Back with a Bang' event in Maidsone

Published On Sunday, March 1, 2020By Tim Rickson

Lenny Fuller wins in headliner

It was a clean sweep for Boxing Connected’s emerging stable at Mote Park in Maidstone.

Two Ultimate Boxxer finalists, five unbeaten prospects and an exciting debutant all took to the ring on the quadrennial date of February 29 in front of a sold-out show.


Keiron Spice (1-0) vs JJ Smith (0-3)
4x3 Cruiserweight contest

Opening the show, debutant Keiron Spice started the first round with a feeling out process, landing plenty of punches but without his full force behind them. The southpaw from the Invicta Gym in Sheerness showed glimpses of his amateur style, bouncing on his toes.

In the second round, he grew in confidence and began to place more weight behind the punches and held his hands low. He managed to whip in a couple of spiteful body shots with the right hand.

In the third round, Spice was exuding confidence and looked like he was having fun in there. He was slipping shots and countering with ease with his very entertaining style.

In the fourth round, Spice was landing more solid body shots, hitting his target regularly. Smith didn’t offer a great deal in resistance, but the pair finished the fight trading leather when the klaxons sounded and deserved the applause at the end.

Spice got off the mark with a points win and plans to return to the ring as soon as possible, talking about moving further down in weight to super-middle.


Paul Brown (5-0) vs Andy Bishop (0-13)
4x3 Light-heavyweight contest

The ‘Bomber’ from Ramsgate only fought once in 2019 due to a perforated ear drum.

The 30-year-old landed some heavy shots on Rochdale’s Bishop who persistently shook his head in defiance.

It was all in Brown’s favour, but in the third round both boxers ended in a trade off with Bishop scoring two consecutive hits on the home fighter, but Brown still finished the round strongly.

In the last round Brown landed a solitary left hook which bloodied Bishop’s nose instantly. He then landed the same successful shot seconds later and finished the fight confidently.

Brown won 40-46, which made it his fifth shutout points victory since his debut in February 2018. Now with former pro Sammy Holloway in his corner from Ramsgate ABC, Brown has never lost a round yet and is eager to push on in 2020.


Martin Hillman (14-6) vs Jake Pollard (0-18)
4x3 Super-bantamweight contest

Three-time Southern Area title contender, Martin Hillman was subject to a last-minute opponent.

The 29-year-old Hillman from Orpington found his range early and popped out the jab with great effect. Jake Pollard wasn’t able to land anything early on.

Hillman was in full control and ended the second round with a four punch combo straight down Pollard’s pipe.

From Bradford, Pollard became incentivised by his success in the third segment and sprung into life, throwing combinations at Hillman, who was forced to weather the storm momentarily until he turned the tide back into his favour again. It made for an exciting round.

In the fourth and final round, it was very even with both fighters landing clean on each other.

Referee Lee Every scored the contest at 39-37 to Martin Hillman.


Charlie Shane (9-0) vs Gianni Antoh (1-14)
4x3 Super-middleweight contest

‘The Animal’ from Chatham only fought once during the past 16 months, but was returning to the ring exactly three months on from his last fight on the last weekend of November last year.

The 28-year-old British Challenge belt winner was up against Italian ‘La Roccia’ Gianni Antoh.

There was a feeling out process in the first round, as each fighter aimed to establish their range. In the second stanza, Charlie Shane was looking to land heavily. The aggressive southpaw was closing the distance and beginning to put his shots together.

In the third round, Shane was applying the pressure and keeping the distance close. In the last round, Chatham’s Shane was continuing to apply the pressure, but he had a great opponent in front of him, who used every ounce of experience to get through the fight unscathed.

Shane picked up his ninth points win, scored at 40-37.


Brooklyn Tilley (2-0) vs Luke Middleton (2-10)
4x3 Welterweight contest

19-year-old talent, Brooklyn Tilley, doubled his win tally against Langold’s Luke Middleton.

The youngster from Rainham, a former amateur boxer at Snodland ABC, was busy from the start, forcing the action and throwing lots of shots.

Tilley stepped it up in the third round, putting punches together more as he grew in confidence.

The home fighter was disciplined and technically sound, popping out a crisp jab throughout the entire fight.

Tilley won the contest 39-37.


Chris Davies (14-0) vs Nathan Junor (1-8-1)
6x3 Super-middleweight contest

Chris ‘The Spartan’ Davies, 30 from London, extended his unbeaten streak to 14 fights, as he won 59-56 against Spaniard Nathan Junor.


Grant Dennis (15-2) vs Jordan Grannum (5-70-2)
4x3 Middleweight contest

Ultimate Boxxer finalist, 36-year-old Grant Dennis had the toughest opponent of the night in ‘The Brown Eagle’ Jordan Grannum. The Londoner made it a very competitive contest throughout, despite Dennis winning every round.

The middleweight from Chatham won 40-36 in his first back from a shoulder injury.


Lenny Fuller (10-1) vs Berman Sanchez (29-13-3)
8x3 Super-welterweight contest

Ultimate Boxxer super-welterweight finalist Lenny Fuller, 25 from Chart Sutton, stepped up against former WBA Fedebol champion Berman Sanchez in his first eight-round contest.

The 36-year-old Central American has 21 KO’s from 29 victories and shared the ring with pound-for-pound superstar Miguel Berchelt and three-weight world champion Jorge Linares in back to back contests, however the ‘Gypsy Warrior’, trained by Lee Page, came through the contest confidently, winning 80-73 on points.

His live opponent landed a good left hook to show his quality in the opener, but it was still a Fuller round.

In the second, the Maidstone man kept getting through with his left hand as he began to get into his rhythm to dominate.

The rounds were always close, but Fuller was in control and looking increasingly confident.

In round six, Berman landed his best shot of the fight with a clean right hand, but Fuller answered back with a right hand of his own to even the score.

The enthralling encounter ended with Fuller’s arm being raised as he pushed his win column into double figures.


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