Karl 'The Doctor' Ozimkowski KO'd on comeback fight

Published On Sunday, November 30, 2014By Tim Rickson

Karl KO'd cold in comeback contest

Polish welterweight, Karl ‘The Doctor’ Ozimkowski 0-3-0 lost on his return to professional boxing after a six year hiatus from the pro game. 

Mick Mills 1(1)-4(3)-0 KO'd the Alec Wiley trained fighter at London’s York Hall on November 29 on the Goodwin Promotions show dubbed ‘Under Starters Orders’.

Ozimkowski stated this morning on social media platforms, "Ermm it's kinda hard waking up not remembering what Hhappened! I guess that I got knocked the f*** out..."

"Wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone that was there for me last night! I couldn't even be there without you guys! Glad I woke up, I'm still alive, gonna have a laugh watching the video later on as I can't even think how that happened! We were ready for everything and everyone... oh well, this is boxing for you and.... I'll be back no doubt about it!"

Trainer, Alec Wilkey commented on his fighter's performance, "What a roller coaster night at The York Hall.

"First up was Karol Ozimkowski, after looking like the boss he was caught with a wild shot. He'll be back boxing early in the New Year."

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