ALL the LIVE RESULTS from Callum Smith vs John Ryder

BBN’s Jordan Neild is reporting live from ringside tonight for the Callum Smith vs John Ryder WBA ‘Super’ world super-middleweight title fight at the M&S Bank Arena in Liverpool, live and exclusive on Sky Sports.

The unbeaten champion and World Boxing Super Series winner ‘Mundo’ meets mandatory challenger John Ryder in a Liverpool v London showdown.

Jordan Neild keeps you up to date by the minute with the live results from ringside right here:




4 x 3 mins Lightweight contest

Marcus 'Tank' Molloy displayed a good shot selection but failed to hurt Jamie 'Devil Child' Quinn at any point. 

Liverpool's Molloy dominated the fight and landed some nice looking shots to the body, but he was kept honest by Stockport's Quinn, who nodded in approval at being caught with a good shot in the second round.  

After four rounds, Referee Steve Gray scored the fight 40-37 in favour of Marcus Molloy and he moves to 2-0.

Molly debuted last month aganst three-time Southern Area champion Jamie Speight (15-39), winning all four rounds on points.


6 x 3 mins Super-Lightweight contest

After a awkward opening round, the headlining champion's older brother Stephen 'Swifty' Smith settled into the second and hurt Johnny 'The Matador' Phillips a couple of times, especially to the body. 

In the third round, two-time world title contender Smith tried to go through the gears but was frustratingly tied up by the awkward Phillips, who looked exhausted as he returned to his stool at the end of the round. 

To Phillips' credit, he was competitive throughout but ultimately was bettered throughout and after six rounds referee Mark Lyson scored the contest 60-54 and former British and Commonwealth champion Stephen Smith continues his rebuilding process.




12 x 3 mins Final Eliminator for British Lightweight Title

This one didn’t take long to catch fire as Tennyson had Evans down and hurt in the first round of the scheduled 12. The face of Welshman Evans was busted up by the end of the opener and he did well to survive.

More of the same in the second from Tennyson, who was throwing with some spite. Evans, to his credit, was trying to reply but didn’t have the power to deter 'The Assassin' despite landing some really eye-catching combinations in the third round.

Again in the fourth, Belfast's Tennyson was landing the heavier shots but the eye catching combinations where coming from Evans and the southpaw had probably his best round of the entire fight after being under such duress early on.

At the half way point this had turned into a really competitive fight. 

The fight settled into a rhythm during the sixth and seventh of Evans boxing on the back foot and Tennyson hunting him down. Despite enjoying success on the back foot, Evans was still trading despite being hurt multiple times by Tennyson much to the annoyance of his corner.

In the eighth segment, Tennyson again had Evans backed up to the ropes and landed some heavy shots that forced the gun shield of Evans to come out. The break did Evans some good and he landed another eye-catching combination towards the end of the round that went unanswered by Tennyson.

Halfway through the ninth Tennyson landed a low blow on Evans as he began to cut a frustrated figure in the neutral corner under a stern telling off from official Steve Gray, who doesn't ever tolerate bad behaviour on his watch.  

The tenth was messy and the pace slowed as both men began to show signs of tiredness. Tennyson was still on the front foot but following Evans around the ring without landed anything telling. 

The end came in the 11th after some heavy shots from James Tennyson were unanswered by a fatigued Evans. Evans disputed the stoppage but he looked open to a clean shot after being clearly stung by the heavy-handed Belfast man.

Tennyson is now the mandatory challenger for the British lightweight title held by Joe Cordina... another Welshman on his hitlist!





4 x 3 mins Super-Lightweight contest

It was a routine four rounds in the bank for super-lightweight Aitichson, who dominated from the opening bell without really hurting his opponent. 

Well supported in the arena, the Skelmersdale 24-year-old looked to enjoy the experience and will no doubt be out again soon to continue his journey as a professional. 

Steve Gray scored the contest 40-36.


10 x 3 mins Eliminator for British Super-Lightweight Title
TOM FARRELL (17-2) v SEAN DODD (16-5-1)

A pretty fair opening round with both men landing some sharp right hands. Farrell looked to take centre ring and force the pressure against his former sparring partner. 

At the start of the second, Farrell landed a nice combination which drew excitement from his fans but Dodd answers with a nice looking combination of his own. 

Round four came to life after Farrell suffered a nasty cut. The cut was checked by the doctor and seemed to fire Farrell into life who planted his feet and landed some lovey shots on Dodd.

After the best round of the fight, the Farrell corner pulled their man out and rightly so. The cut was horrendous and they saved their man for another day. 


6 x 3 mins Light-Heavyweight contest

A straight forward six rounds for the Tony Bellew managed light-heavyweight. Whittaker-Hart had things mostly his own way, despite suffering a cut in the fourth. 

The fight was all over in the fifth after Whittaker-Hart put his foot on the peddle and took it up a gear. His opponent felt the pace increase and decided to turn his back on the action, forcing referee Mark Lyson to wave the fight off. 


10 x 3 mins vacant WBA International Super-Welterweight Title

The opening round was a cagey one with both fighters seemingly being cautious. Fowler took centre of the ring in the second and stalked Scarff looking to land a bit backhand, but Scarff was happy to retreat on the back foot and keep himself out of danger. 

It seemed like Scarff grew in confidence in the third and managed to land some shots on Fowler who continued to plod forward at the one pace, which allowed Scarff to anticipate any of the shots coming his way. 

The middle rounds followed largely the same pattern, with fowler the aggressor but not making a dent in Scarff. Scarff failed to land anything to deter Fowler but looked comfortable on the back foot and kept himself out of danger. 

Scarff hit the canvas in the ninth from a crisp left hand from Fowler. Fowler immediately jumped on Scarff but with only seconds left, Scarff made it to the bell. 

Fowler looked for the finish in the 10th but Scarff was effective in navigating his way around the ring on the back foot.

All three judges scored the fight 98-91 all in favour of Anthony Fowler who moves one step closer to a rematch with bitter rival Scott Fitzgerald. 


12 x 3 mins vacant Commonwealth Cruiserweight Title

Round 1: Highly anticipated this one and most people predicting to be the fight of the night.Glover immediately on the front foot and looks like he has a cut above his left eye already from an early head clash. Awful start!

Round 2: Both mean eager to asset dominance and by doing so are spoiling their space to land the telling shots. Glover lands a big right hand within the first minute of the round, which was taken well by a Billam Smith. Billam Smith the bigger man landing some lovely jabs and trying to impose his presence as the physically bigger man but Glover is not intimidated. Close round.

Round 3: Lively opener with both man looking to trade leather but one drifts low from Billam Smith and he gets a telling off from Mark Lyson. Both men look to work the body in and Glover finds probably the shot of the round with a big right hand that got the attention of Billam-Smith towards the end of the round. Both men trading jabs but not finding enough space to land anything heavier. Blood already - sign of things to come!

Round 4: round starts with a lovely jab from Chris Billam-Smith which pierced the guard of Craig Glover. The pace has slowed in this round as both men look to find an opening it some eye catching check hooks have been landed by Chris Billam Smith. Bloodied Glover looks undeterred however and responds with his own heavy right hands. Right on the bell GLOVER hits the canvas after a punch high on the head. Momentum swung in Billam-Smith's favour!

Round 5: Billiam-Smith is straight on the front foot after hurting Glover at the end of the fourth but to his credit, the Liverpool man has recovered well. As the round progresses Chris Billam smith lands more heavy shots and Glover hits the canvas again before rising to his feet slowly and after another barrage Mark Lyson calls the contest off! Great performance from Chris Billam Smith. 


12 x 3 mins WBA World, WBC Diamond & Ring Magazine Super-Middleweight Titles

Round 1: The champion starts the round with some nice jabs while Ruder is happy to ease himself into the round. Ryder launches an attack mid way through the round but Smith covers up well and gets back to landing his jab from the centre of the ring. Round fizzles out and a pretty even start. 

Round 2: round starts with more crisp jobs from Smith but Ryder answers with a couple of sharp looking back hands of his own. Ryder is getting inside effectively but the guard of Smith is solid enough and a lot of it is landing on gloves and arms. Smith landing with his own right hands towards the end of the round and pushed Ryder back, the champion injecting a bit of pace into his work but still a fairy even round. 

Round 3:  More of the same in the third round with either man really taking the ascendancy yet but Smith looks comfortable in centre ring and is starting to find a home with his long right hand but Ryder is taking them well so far and answering with his own combinations to keep smith honest. Tough to score so far.

Round 4: Into the fourth here in Liverpool and the fight is really yet to catch fire. Ryder continues to move into range well but can’t land anything telling past the Smith guard. Smith looks cut as he sits in the corner.

Round 5: The rounds continue to be nip and tick with Ryder landing some nice punches without really putting Smith in too much trouble. The champion seems to have more gears to go through but it’s not the one-sided fight many thought. The round catches fire towards the end as both fighters trade and land lovely shots with neither prepared to take the back foot. Smith beginning to let his hands go and gets a response from the game Ryder. Going into the sixth and the rounds are completely even.

Round 6: Smith noticeably taking the centre ring early in the sixth as he looks to earn the respect of Ryder. Ryder again gets into range but smothers his own work and is quickly made to pay with a sharp counter from Smith who looks to be warming to the task.

Round 7: Seventh stanza is a really good round for the challenger who lands some good shots and Smith seems to be having trouble with punching down towards Ryder who is making the most of the size difference. Big round for the challenger and a very close fight. Ryder, arguably, heading towards a points win here.

Round 8: A head clash early in the round causes Smith some issues and the fighters are split up, much to the annoyance of Ryders corner. The challenger is trying to rough this goth up and is having a lot of joy on the inside. Smith looks comfortable on the outside and it looks like a battle of wills of who can force the fight to their liking. A big right hand from Ryder on the bell! This fight is certainly up for grabs heading into the ninth. Even Stevens!

Round 9: as we edge towards the championship rounds the fight still hangs in the balance and Smith starts sharply with a three punch combination. Ryder is again told off for using the head but his rough tactics seem to be effective at the moment and again he has joy up close. On the outside Smith looks comfortable but he can’t seem to pin Ryder down. A lovely left hand from Smith gets Ryders attention near the bell but another razor close round. Ryder could be a round or two up here!

Round 10: Ryder starts on the front foot but smothers his own work up close before the referee pulls them apart. Some smart movement and a combination  from Smith spins Ryder  into the ropes but he replies with a nice combination of his own. Another close round. Could be interesting if this goes the distance, can easily see how this fight could be interpreted in different ways.

Round 11: Both men sense this fight is close and look for big shots early in the round. Ryder pins Smith on the ropes but Smith works his way out with some nice shots. A good jab from Ryder pierces the guard of Smith who ties his man up and both men dig their toes in and try to swing it out. Ryder looks to hurry smith who smiles at his opponent.  You can sense both men know this fight may depend all on the last round! Ryder is the winner of this fight unless Smith can knock him out.

Round 12: standing ovation from the crowd heading into the last round and Smith starts well with a nice combination followed by a sharp looking uppercut. Ryder once again gets on the chest of Smith but can’t muster anything effective. Smith breaks a clinch with two lovely right hands but Ryder shrugs them off and shows a great chin and answers with his own right hand. Smith looks tired and Ryder gives it one last push. Both men have given everything and embrace at the end of the round. Amazing fight!

The scores were as 117-111 and 116-112 twice for Callum Smith. The announcement was immediately followed by a chorus of boos and rightfully so.

Ryder said post-fight amidst a load of boos for the debatable decision: "I feel like I edged it. I'll come again."

"I want the best names in the division and I'm not disrespecting John Ryder but there was no fear tonight," Smith told Sky Sports afterwards.

"I didn't believe John Ryder was good enough to beat me. There are fighters that I believe are good enough to beat me that don't perform and that's going to bring out the best in me. That's what I want, I want the big names.

"I just want a big name, where if I turn up like tonight I'll lose. That fear brings out the best performance in me, I feel I need that."

"I thought that was harsh," said Ryder. "I thought I forced the fight, he was just nicking rounds, if that. I thought I done enough to win that.

"I've lost for the British title three times, I've come back and fought for a world title against the world No 1. I think I've done more than enough to show I'm credible for this and I will come again."

Jordan Neild predicted this outcome in his preview: