Anthony Yarde vs Lyndon Arthur full fight report

Anthony Yarde (19-1, 18KOs) challenges Lyndon Arthur (16-0, 12KOs) for his Commonwealth light heavyweight title tonight on BT Sport 1, which also features a super bantamweight battle with the WBC International title at stake between Michael Ramabeletsa (18-17, 8KOs) and the unbeaten Southern Area champion Chris Bourke (8-0, 5KOs).

Bantamweight starlet Dennis McCann (7-0, 5KOs) takes on Pedro Matos (7-3) over eight rounds. 2016 Olympian Muhammad Ali has his second fight in the pro ranks and there is a debut for Olympic Youth gold medallist Karol Itauma.

Keep up with the action right here as BBN report round by round from 7:30pm:




Ali started super sharp and was trying to put a lot of weight and power behind his shots, but his punches didn't seem to deter the journeyman, who even beckoned him on.

The 'Devil Child' from Stockport landed a lovely combo in round four when ali was a little switched off and fatigued.

The unbeaten boxer from Bury was hunting his man down in the fifth, but still looked a little puffed out. 

'Lights Out' Ali was whipping in some lovely body shots in the sixth and final round, but Quinn would fire back with those quality uppercuts still. When the final bell rang, Ali bent over the ropes in exhaustion.

Ali won 60-55 to move up to 2-0.




Southpaw Itauma was sharp and busy on his jab and moved his head well. His body shots looked powerful.

The soldier from the away corner looked marked up by the final round.

The contest was scored 40-36 to the Slovakian-born Kent man. David Haye was impressed with the young 20-year-old, stating that he looked like a 10-fight pro, not a debutant, which Andy Lee echoed in opinion.




Ramabeletsa with all his skill and talent got caught with a left hook and went down. He rose again but on unsteady legs. He fired back but kept getting caught and referee Ian John Lewis stepped in just a few seconds to go in the second round.

Bourke moves up to 10-0 and claims the vacant WBC International title.




Matos was on the front foot, putting McCann under pressure, who was looking very confident and comfortable on the back foot. His head movement and range finding was perfect.

The Maidstone man was in full control by the third round.

McCann landed a lovely backhand 20 seconds into the fourth and began to apply the pressure. Midway through the round Matos came on strong and landed a few of his own. It's a great test for the unbeaten prospect, but he wasn't putting any weight behind his punches yet. The best punch of the round came from the Portugese puncher when he landed a looping right hand from afar.

McCann was slamming in shots from all angles in the fifth and looked to be in full control. His lateral movement and persistant jab caused all sorts of problems.

In the sixth, McCann's movement was exemplarary but he did caught a couple of times.He ended the round with a lovely one-two down the pipe.

McCann looked sensational in the final round, hitting plenty but not getting his himself. He wasn't looking for a knockout, he wasn't gambilng on big shots, but he got eight rounds in and looked very good in doing so.

This fight was perfect for McCann at this stage of his career, his opponent was aggressive and forcefull and had a lot of success. He was an formidable force and a puzzle for McCann to decipher and deal with.



ANTHONY YARDE (12st 6lb 5oz) v LYNDON ARTHUR (12st 6lb 3oz)

Tentative first round but Arthur's superior jab wasn't evident like most expected it to be. If his jab wasn't going to be decisive then it looked early on that Yarde might boss this.

Still cautious by roud four, Arthur being patient and exact, while Yarde was coming on stronger and stronger. A strong jab from 'The Beast' rocked 'King Arthur' from his perfect stance, and a strong lead right also landed cleanly. In the corner, Yarde was smiling, looking like he was in the middle of a sparring session.

The champion wasn't landing enough to be winning the rounds here, but his piercing jabs were still hitting home.There were very little exchanges in this fight, only single shots thrown.

By round six, it was an intruiging but uneventful fight. Only the anticipation could keep you entertained. However, Yarde landed another couple of straight backhands to rock Arthur's head.

Arthur's superior jab wasn't landing like he thought it would. Yarde was racking up the rounds and heading to victory. Arthur wasn't doing enough to win.

You've got to wonder what Arthur's game plan is here because he hasn't done enough to win any of the rounds. Yarde must be so far ahead on the scorecards.

At the end of the eighth, Arthur was sat n his corner with his mouth closed, not in any need to draw in breaths at all! Stamina on a whole other level!

The pair jabbed it out for the first minute of the ninth. All ight fans wanted was or someone to put a few punches together! The pair were jabbing it out and it wasn't making or eventful viewing.

Round 10 and it's all to play for! Great right hand from Yarde that landed on the top of Arthur's head about a minute in. As the rounds dwindled down, the pair began to throw caution to the wind. Yet another close round and the last round could be the decider.

Richie Woodhall had the pair level by the 11th! Arthur  landed a crackig right hand but it was countered superbly by Yarde. Then Yarde landed a smashing right hand that wobbled Arthur but he held on! If Yarde won that last round then he must've won the fight.

The better shots came from Yarde all fight, so it must be a unanimous decison here to him. 117-11 to Yarde, 115-114 Arthur, 115-114 to Arthur!! Yarde can't believe the result!


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