Anthony Yarde Frank Buglioni

Anthony Yarde not developing & Frank Buglioni is ordinary, says Bob Ajisafe

Published On Wednesday, November 8, 2017By Danny Flexen

Bob Ajisafe analyses Anthony Yarde, Frank Buglioni, Hosea Burton & Callum Johnson

Former light-heavyweight king Bob Ajisafe is reinvigorated after linking up with new trainer Jamie Moore and took some time to share his thoughts on four domestic rivals with BBN.

Frank Buglioni
Buglioni looks quite fit but he looks like he gets hit a lot, takes a lot of punishment in his fights. That’s something you can’t do, especially in decent-level fights. He’s an ordinary fighter, hasn’t got the most talent but must have some real drive and desire to keep going and grind out to where he is.

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Hosea Burton
Burton is tall and lean, quite rangy, but he looks skinny to me, he doesn’t look like he has much man-strength or can hold much of a shot. I think he unravelled terribly in that fight with Buglioni [Burton was ahead but stopped in the final round in December], after outboxing him.

Callum Johnson
Johnson is straight up and down, no special effects, but he has decent boxing skills. I watched him fight for my old Commonwealth title when Matchroom brought in an African guy [Willbeforce Shihepo] for him and it was a scrappy kinda fight. The referee stopped the fight but it looked like not many clean shots landed. A come-forward kind of fighter but not that tall and not much range so probably suited to my style.

Anthony Yarde
Yarde, I’m hearing and reading all the hype; a lot of emphasis on the power. He looks quite strong, he looks in shape. He’s beating guys and despatching them the way he should be, but the calibre of people he’s fighting are low-level. Raving on that your past the British title is madness because you’re not! Until he fights a good operator, it’s hard to make a proper judgement on him. They’re starting to believe their own hype. He’s not developing with these fights that only last a few rounds. He’s doing what he has to do though and I take my hat off to him.