Anthony Joshua reveals how long he's got left in boxing on the Jonathan Ross Show

Anthony Joshua reveals how long he's got left in boxing on the Jonathan Ross Show

Published On Monday, April 19, 2021By British Boxing News
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Anthony Joshua was a guest on the Jonathan Ross Show at the weekend

Anthony Joshua “100%” says Tyson Fury fight will happen this year, wants bout at Wembley, hears message Tyson sends into the show, plus talks wanting six more children

On the weekend's episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, Jonathan is joined by two-time heavyweight boxing champion of the world Anthony Joshua, award-winning actress Emily Blunt, comedian Alan Carr and rapper AJ Tracey chats and performs in the studio.

Boxer Anthony Joshua says of the much-anticipated fight with Tyson Fury: “I’ve signed my side of the deal. We’ve sent him [Tyson] a good offer, one I’m sure he won’t refuse. He wants the fight, no doubt about it. So do I and more than me and him, the whole public want it.

“I put my crystal ball out there and I say it’s going to happen this year 100%.” 

Asked by Jonathan if Tyson would get his four belts if he won the fight, Anthony laughs: “Unfortunately he’s not going to win…”

Of whether they have met or are friends away from the ring, Anthony says: “Yeah I have [met Tyson]. I don’t even know what we are. I’ve seen him face-to-face and people on video and social media are different than face-to-face.”

Put to him by Jonathan that in defence of Tyson, he is a very good boxer and that the fight is going to be a challenge, Anthony jokes: “Who, Mike Tyson?” 

Speaking of Tyson opening up about his mental health struggles on Jonathan’s show last series, Anthony adds: “It’s tough, for someone to go through that mental pressure and pull themselves back up. A lot of people are suffering in this world. We put on a brave face don’t we? He’s put it out to the world ‘this is what I’ve gone through, if I’m a boxer, heavyweight champion of the world hard man, if I can go through it…’ it gives people hope. I respect it. 100% you have to respect it.”

Discussing trash talk, Anthony says: “The best to ever do it is Muhammad Ali. Facts. The best to ever do it. I think, like you know, when you study the game, you can take so much from him… It’s just saying I’m better than this guy and these are the reasons.”

Alan Carr notes: “I met Muhammad Ali. My dad was manager of Nuneaton Borough football club. For some reason he came to the ground, he came in the dressing room and he was the sweetest.” 

Anthony says: “He’s a special, special, special man.”

Put to Anthony why he doesn’t really respond to trash talk he says: “I’m busy, busy promoting boxing, I’m here with you tonight. I spend a lot of time in the gym, with my family working. I feel like I do enough promoting of boxing… I’m representing my mother, my father, my community, the boxing youth…people have got kids... my trash talk can become a bit real. I don’t want to get too personal, that’s what it is.”

Returning to whether the fight will happen this year he says: “I’m pretty sure it’ll be this year. End of July, early August. Where? That’s what’s the delay, because of this pandemic. We want to have people coming to the venue. It’s just finding the right location. For me, Wembley would be ideal.”

Later in the show, Jonathan plays a message from Tyson Fury for Anthony, leaving his fellow guests waiting to see his reaction. 

Asked if his mum likes watching him fight, Anthony says: “No, she doesn’t if I’m honest. It’s tough. It’s the real deal. Fighting is the real deal.”

And speaking about his son, and whether he can watch he says: “He’s 5, JJ. I would like him to watch me fight, I don’t mind. What I’d explain to him, more so being a fighter, it’s about chatting to him and saying, ‘This is where I lost, this is how I felt, but I didn’t give up.’

“He’s at that age now where if he’s not good at something he doesn’t want to do it. So I try and express to him, ‘Even though you’re not good at it yet, practise makes perfect’.”

Of whether he’d have more kids Anthony says: “I want to have loads. Someone said to me, which makes sense, when you’re young, you don’t want to have kids, but when you’re older and settled down and retired you wish that you had more kids around you, so I’m just looking ahead  – loads for me is probably another six.”

And asked how long he thinks he’s got left in the sport, he says: “Five to six years left.”

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