Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz Jr

Anthony Joshua reacts to Andy Ruiz Jr defeat

Published On Sunday, June 2, 2019By Tim Rickson

Anthony Joshua was humble in defeat to Andy Ruiz Jr

Anthony Joshua: "It's not the end of a road, it's a minor setback."

The Londoner was defeated by the Californian in his US debut on June 1 in New York.

Madison Square Garden played host to one of the biggest upsets in boxing history as the American born to Mexican parents stopped the unified world heavyweight champion in the seventh round after flooring him four times. Full report here:

Speaking post-fight, the humble Brit said, "I feel alright, I'm a soldier. It's an upset, it was never expected, bookies said I was the favourite.

"I'm always looking at what's next on the cards, always forward, never back, that's my mindset.

"It was a good fight, one shot on the top of the dome kind of rattled me a bit. But the better man won, respect to Andy, but I move forward now, then look out for the end of the year.

"I never underestimate anyone. Anyone who comes to box me boxes 50% better. These guys are coming to win and he was the better man on the night, he done his job.

"People naturally asking me about Wilder, Fury, Dillian, you learn from that situation rather than try to block it out, I'm all ears to it if people want to ask me so I'll answer the questions because I'm not rude, because Ruiz is the guy I'm fighting but these are the other opponents out there. I've got my eyes on the prize but these are the guys I want to compete with. I don't stop, I always ask Eddie what's next because I'm always looking ahead."

When asked what caused the loss, the Olympic gold medallist responded, "I got caught on the top of the head and just didn't recover in time. Tried to stay in there a few rounds and box clever, but it just didn't work out, so what do I do next? I tidy up, brush off the cobwebs and go again."

He added, "It's not the end of a road, it's a minor setback."

He continued to say, "I come from a good family, but where I was at in life, I've dealt with more shit than this. I feel like this is just part of a journey I'm on. We didn't come this far to fold under pressure, we've come this far and I feel we can definitely go a lot further. I kept my head strong and walked like a champion, I'm ready to bounce back.

"I never blame the judges, the referee done his job, I should have never have touched the canvas if I didn't wanna get stopped.

"I'm down for whatever, the grind don't change. I don't even ask about a rematch clause because I'm so confident I'm going to win, if it's there then we go again."

Eddie Hearn has already promised to make the rematch in November or December in the UK.