Anthony Fowler vs Scott Fitzgerald preview

Anthony Fowler vs Scott Fitzgerald preview

Published On Tuesday, January 29, 2019By Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith previews the Anthony Fowler vs Scott Fitzgerald super-welterweight contest

Kill the body and the head will die: a concept in metaphorical terms which British super-welterweight contender, Anthony Fowler (9-0-0) has effectively incorporated into the amalgamation of his fighting style.

Obviously, each fighters' tolerance levels and response will vary of course when sustaining a solid crack to the jaw. Some boxers may get rocked or avalanche to the canvas like a sack of horse carrots after being chinned, while a small minority can eat a power-punch like Amuse-Bouche, shrug it off in a blink and press forward to unload heavy with artillery. A steely shot to the liver, however, essentially sends a distress signal to the brain - the brain corresponds by instructing the body to lie down or "take a knee" at least, allowing a recovery period; by which time is usually all too late for the boxer on the receiving end.

The characteristics of Anthony 'The Machine' Fowler's militancy, seems to ambit an offensively-adept method of boxing. Fowler is meticulous and relentless as he dishes-out an onslaught of leathered damage to his opponents, tenderising muscled-ripped middles with pounding effect until the last beefy-pelt connects, prematurely ending a ten-round fight, successfully carving another victory into his unbeaten record.

His last bout against Jose Carlos Paz (27-3-1), in December 2018, was a prime example of his power, which was exhibited through a creasing hook to the gut that dropped the Argentinian in the opening round; a devastating blow that anchored a sickening pain from the Buenos Arian's belly, the wind blasting out of his sails as the affliction of the punch plastered his face.

Come March 30, at Liverpool's Echo Arena, I don't expect Anthony to deviate from his "business as usual" style of attack: wading forward, slipping and weaving shots before inflicting his powerful body-blows. Although Fowler easily razed his last opponent without strenuous exertion, he may on this occasion, be dragged out to sea against his old GB teammate, Scott Fitzgerald (11-0-0). Unlike his last foe, fellow northern compatriot and adversary, 'Fitzy' will be more than a handful and serious test for the home fighter.

Fowler appears to be salivating and licking his lips at the impetuous prospect of doling out a pasting in spectacular and ruthless fashion, further ascending toward a British title clash with Ted Cheeseman (15-0-0). It's more than likely the voracious scouser will intensely hound and hassle the Lancashireman throughout; blitzing him with a violent-whoosh of combinations, targeting heavy-leather to the body.  Fowler's disciplined enough to not consider Fitzgerald as an "easy touch"; although the Liverpudlian has tarnished his man's boxing prowess:

"I will be ready, 11st on the dot. I'll be fully prepared and whatever Scott does I've got an answer for. I am just a bigger, better, stronger fighter," insisted Fowler.

Unbeaten and equally title rapacious, Fitzgerald will be eager to get in the ring and give Dave Coldwell's lad a boxing lesson. Alternatively, the former Commonwealth Games gold medalist may prefer to engage in a savage collide, testing Fowler's stamina and resistance. But, after championing his own skill-set, it looks as though 'Fitzy' will attempt to deploy "brain" over "brawn".

“He’s a strong lad and he can punch, as can I. I just think I’m a bit faster, and I think I’ve got a better boxing brain than him. He’s very aggressive yeah, but I think I can use that against him,” said the 27-year-old Prestonian.

Although the pair have exchanged in a verbal back-and-forth, both believing they have each other strategically sussed-out, proclaiming a psychological confidence and physical capability that ensures a victory over the other man; I'm anticipating their clash will be a no-nonsense, no-frills and no-f***ing about affair: two boxers scrapping it out in an unofficial British title eliminator, in thrilling and fast-paced, dynamite fashion.



'Fitzy's' a tasty fighter but Fowler appears to have the minerals to slip a few gears and present a serious threat within a ferocious division - and with Dave Coldwell in his corner, I believe it places him in tremendous stead. I'm backing Anthony to claim the stoppage with a body shot that wreaks enough havoc to ground Scott, mid to late on in the fight.

Good luck to both fighters and may the best man win. Here's to another cracking British fight!