Andy Gatenby talks to BBN ahead of sixth pro fight this Saturday in Portsmouth

Published On Monday, September 15, 2014By British Boxing News
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Andy Gatenby back in action this Saturday in Portsmouth

BBN talk to Andy Gatenby, the unbeaten featherweight prospect fighting out of the TRAD TKO Gym in Canning Town, London due fight in his home town of Portsmouth on September 20th on the Goodwin Sports promoted show, ‘The Changing of the Guard’. Andy reveals his ambitions for 2015, explains the struggles of a fledgling pro, and his love for his home town of Portsmouth. 

Thanks for your time Andy, we understand that you are a busy man, can you explain your daily schedule?

“No worries. I get up and go on a five mile run or sprints every single morning, six days a week. When I come back from that, I get ready for work and I’m out the door for 6.30am and straight to work. I have my boxing bag in my work van and normally go straight to boxing after work then get home between 8pm to 10pm every night – long days!”

What a gruelling day! Is this the norm for most pro boxers that are under 10’s still?

“No idea what it’s like for other fighters, maybe not for some of the younger fighters but I’ve got a family to provide for and a mortgage to pay so I’ve got to make sure I cover my outgoings. It only makes me want it more though, after all the sacrifices I have to make.”

What is the biggest pitfall in the industry for you?

“Tickets 100000000%. If you could just box without selling tickets then I would fight anyone every single weekend! It makes it tough working the fights around selling the tickets.”

TRAD TKO is a great gym to be part of with talent such as Billy Joe Saunders, Erick Ochieng and Tommy Martin fighting out of there, does it help you to be around those guys?

“I love everything about training up at TRAD TKO, there’s such a good old school vibe up there it’s good to be around and I always come out of there feeling like a champ.”

What’s it like fighting back at home in Portsmouth in front of your home crowd?

“It’s going to be awesome fighting back in Portsmouth town – best city on the world! It’s aways good to be back in my home town making all of my friends and family proud.”

How do you prepare yourself when you don’t know who you will be facing on the night?

“It is difficult because you don’t have a face in mind to focus on, but it is what it is, I’ve just got to be a professional about it and just deal with it basically. Whatever happens I’ll be fighting someone so I’m not going to worry too much about it.”

What would your goals be for 2015 – there must be some title opportunities coming very soon?

“I’m hoping to fight for my first pro title next month in October, probably be for a British Masters then hopefully after that I can challenge for a Southern Area or English eliminator. I’m not looking any further than the 20th at the minute though, I’ve got to get through this test first.”

Lee Selby tops your division at the moment with Josh Warrington closely behind, both with big fights coming up in October. Looking at the names above you, who would you like to be mixing it up with in the near future?

“Yeah, I’ll mix it up with anyone - the bigger the name the more it will excite me. I’m going to be a super bantamweight for championship level, so whoever is about when I get there, I’ll be knocking on their door.”

After last weekend’s huge night of boxing in Belfast, would Carl Frampton’s win, the constant coverage of the big money fight against Scott Quigg, and even Kid Galahad topping the bill in Sheffield on the same day as your fight, does all of this activity in the lower weights do you a favour too?

“It’s good for all of us. It used to be people only getting excited about the heavyweight fights but now the lighter weights are much more talent-filled and exciting. It’s non-stop action and it’s good to watch.”

Good luck for next weekend, Andy, from all here at BBN.

Andy Gatenby will fight on the Goodwin Sports promoted show on Saturday 20th September in the Pyramids Centre in Portsmouth. Tickets for Changing of the Guard are £30 standard and £60 ringside and are available directly from Team Gats on 07767 830 195. Andy would like to thank his sponsors, Kellcon Construction Ltd and Ian Rowley.

Also, thanks to his employer, Servio for allowing time off to train. Lastly, thanks to his PR Manager, Tim Rickson.

The rest of the show features headlining fight between lightweights Garry Neale 6(1)-0-0 and Andy Harris 3-16(4)-1 as they battle it out over six rounds. Local lad, Floyd Moore 10(7)-4(2)-1 takes on Dean Mills 7(3)-10(3)-2 at lightweight. Unbeaten light heavyweight prospect, Lee Jenman 4-0-0 takes on Iain Jackson 3(1)-20(8)-2 over four rounds. The 19-year-old bantamweight, Thomas Kindon 1-0-0 takes on seasoned journeyman, Anwar Alfadli 2-44(4)-4 over four rounds. The 21-year-old lightweight, Ryan Davies 3(2)-0-0 goes in against Joe Beedon 1(1)-16-0 in a four round contest. Unbeaten light heavyweight prospect, Chris Hobbs 5-0-0 takes a step up in class against former British Masters champion and Prizefighter finalist, Sam Couzens 11(3)-13(9)-1.

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